Wednesday, March 26

Poll series no.3 Announcement

Hello everyone :D

As you can see in the sidebar, new polls are up since yesterday. This time, the polls are about the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong :D

I'm sorry if the polls look a bit weird, especially when you view the results. I just realized that with the blogger layout, you could only put 5 choices... ^_^; So I had to find an alternate way to put up polls with more choices. The answer? Polldaddy. I have to say, I really like that site. It's easy and free :D

I know that many of you haven't read the whole series, but feel free to vote nonetheless :) You can just leave me a comment here, letting me know that you haven't read all the books. Also, we you now have the option of adding your own answer in certain polls :P (That is so cool in my opinion).

Again, if you have a moment to justify your votes, please leave a comment :P It'll be more fun for the follow-up post!

Oh, and I almost forgot! Polls are closing next Wednesday (April 2nd) at 11.59AM

Ps - woah, ppl, you've been voting so fast! :P


Zeek said...

Dude, I haven't read one of these?! I keep meaning to start her books but always forget when it comes to checkout time! What's wrong with me?

Zeek said...

BTW, I voted other- shapeshifter. Hey what can I say, I like shifters other than werewolves! No seals though- ick. LOL!

nath said...

Zeek - LOL, you have too many books to read :D but seriously, get to it! I'm sure you're going to like the series :)

and that's why I add the "other" option... Glad ppl are using it :)