Tuesday, April 8

Polls series no. 4: sport romances

Hello everyone :D

So I did come up with an idea for the new polls series :) The polls series no.4 will be about sport romances! Let us know what you think by voting and commenting :) Also, if you have any suggestions of sport romances, feel free to share :D

The polls are pretty straightforward, if you need any clarification, feel free to ask :D Oh, about the 5th poll, Would you be interested in amateur sport romance... by amateur sport, I mean any sport where the athlete is not making millions of dollars a year such as figure skating, speed skating, track and fields, etc.

Polls will be closing next week on April 15 at 11.59AM (Eastern time).


Katie(babs) said...

I would vote for Elizabth Phillips for football romances. Heaven, Texas is my all time favorite book by her.

And of course Rachel Gibson for hockey.

Holly said...

Cripes, those are a lot of polls. LOL

I'm with Katiebabs. :)