Monday, September 15

Nauti Dreams by Lora Leigh

Today, our buddy review is between Ames and Chantal.
As per usual at Breezing Through, our review is not a review in the usual sense of the word, but a series of emails between friends discussing the book.

Nauti Dreams by Lora Leigh
Genre: erotic contemporary
Series: Nauti Boys Book 3

Natches Mackay separated himself from his family years ago, except for the two cousins who gave him the only family he’d known. Now he’s being dragged back into his father’s life in ways that could destroy him and the one woman who tempts him beyond reason: Government Agent Chaya Dane, who has fought to put her own past behind her. A mission in Somerset, Kentucky, brings her back into the dreams of Natches—and into the shadows cast by his father, suspected in the theft of government missiles. And it could cost Chaya more than she ever imagined.

Chantal: I gotta say, things are not looking good. I am skimming more than anything.

We've said this a bunch of times already, but it doesn't make it any less true... Same story as almost every other LL book. Just differnt names for the Hero/Heroine.
Same storyline, same internal struggles. How many times can a man DESTROY you? I love LL, but she needs to come up with some fresh material. Destroy destroy destroy has been worn out.

Ames: Yep, I agree with you 100%. There are two types of stories - the hero wants the heroine, but stays away from her to protect her. And the second type of LL story is where the hero wants the heroine, but she's afraid of the power of his afraid of his love so she tries to deny the inevitable. It's pretty frustrating. And yeah, a girl can only be destroyed so many times until there's nothing left.
I'm not surprised you're skimming. And like I said, Kentucky as a terrorist breeding ground? I don't think so.

Chantal: I don't believe the plot either. That could be the reason I am skimming so much of it. Just too unbelievable.

Very sad that LL is getting stale in her writing. All the same Hero's with the same looks, same personality, they say same the same things during sex. It's all so repetitive.

Ames: AND what bothered me is that the characters knew stuff, but absolutely REFUSED to tell anyone else. That just bothered me, not coming clean.
And why did (Rowdy or Dawg) keep saying Chay was plain? Bastard.

Chantal: I know! Ugh. There was no communication whatsoever.
You're right. Bastard. He was even asked why he thinks she in plain, but he never had an answer. It was was weird.

I'm trying my best not to skip too many parts. All this investigation stuff holds to appeal to me though.

Ames: The investigation stuff meant nothing to me. LOL I did read towards the end though, to see what happens.

Chantal: This is terrible. I have never skimmed a LL book before. I fear that I might be hit by lightening the next time I go outside.

Ames: I know! But I still love her other stuff. It's just her last couple of releases have melted together.

Chantal: Alright, well, I finished it. Sorta. I skipped pages at a time, skimmed some, then skipped some more pages, did some more skimming. I did read then entire 3 or 4 pages though.

It wasn't very good. I don't even know what to give it. D or Did not finish? Not a C. C for me are books that are just okay. This was way below just okay.

What do you think?

Ames: I gave this one a D.

Chantal: D it is.


Zeek said...

I only read Nauti Nights (I think it was that one?) and I wasn't impressed- I never could get into her menage storylines... even there was no menage in THAT one.


She's real hit or miss here of late ...

Jill D. said...

Yikes! Thanks for taking one for the team girls!

Isabel said...

I like the cover. LOL

CindyS said...

Phew, you've saved me from my curiousity!! We're polling for Lora Leigh for AAR Favorite Books by Favorite Authors and I've been seeing the Nauti titles up there!


ames said...

Zeek-Yeah she is. But can't wait for Mercury's book. The Breeds do tend to be "better."

Jill - No problem. :P

Izzy - LOL

Cindy - Really? Yikes!

Zeek said...

Can't wait for Merc's book either!!!

Chantal said...

Hi Zeek, hit or miss is a good term to use.

Even her Breed books have not been up to par. I like her EC releases WAY better.

Jill, You're welcome, lol.

Izzy, I want to take off his belt and pull down the pants :P

Hi Cindy, and thats why I took aar off my favouits list over a year ago. Their reviews, polls, etc, have all been very disappointing. No longer is aar a trusted website to go to for me,

Devon said...

For some reason, I can't get over the "Naughty"/"Nauti" thing. I find it sooo corny. Just a knee jerk thing.

Enjoyed the "Bound Hearts" books, but her mm releases haven't appealled.

Chantal said...

Devon, I know how you feel. I can't get over the magick/magic thing that one author does.

Jessica said...

I've never tried any of her books other then the Breeds (which I like). Looks like I'll keep it that way.

Jessica said...

I wanted to let you guys know that I nominated you for an award over at my blog...come on by and see it. :)