Sunday, January 4

Welcome back to Breezing Through

Happy New Years!

A new year means time for change, so we have a beautiful new look that we hope you will like as much as we do.

Coming within the next few days, a menage-a-trois review of Broken Wing, our post of our Best and Worst books of 2008, and all three of us have decided to make an effort to post more here.

We are putting our heads together to come up with fun and exciting things for you all to participate in.

Please take a look at and answer our new poll on the side bar. Are you pleased with the amount of books you read last year?

Chantal, Nath and Ames


Holly said...

Oh! I really like the new look. I can't wait for your next review. :)

Chantal said...

Hi, Holly! :)

Marg said...

I was just here yesterday wondering if you were all coming back!

Li said...

Oh wow - love the new look! Very fresh and clean.

CindyS said...

Hey, where's the 'Oh Hell No!' option on the poll ;) And yes, I taking baby steps and have a book in my hot little hands - an old Suzanne Brockmann called Freedom's Price.

I only skim read the review because I really plan on reading this book and don't want too many spoilers!

And Happy New Year ladies!