Tuesday, October 20

Review: Would Be Witch by Kimberly Frost

In the small town of Duvall, Texas, the only thing more troublesome than gossip—is magic.

The family magic seems to have skipped Tammy Jo Trask. All she gets in the way of the supernatural are a few untimely visits from the long dead, smart-mouthed family ghost, Edie. But when her locket, an heirloom that happens to hold Edie’s soul, is stolen in the midst of a town-wide crime spree, it’s time for Tammy to find her inner witch.

After a few experiences in dysfunctional magic, Tammy turns to the only one who can help; the very rich and highly magical, Bryn Lyons. He might have all the answers—and a 007-savoir faire to boot—but the locket isn’t the only legacy passed down in Tammy’s family. She also inherited a warning…to stay away from anyone named Lyons.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Southern Witch Series Book 1

So what’s up?!?! How’s the book going?

Chantal: It’s good. I read half last night.

Monroe: Ya I liked it. It wasn't WONDERFUL but I really enjoyed it! I think there is a second one too! I love Tammy Jo and Merc! Lol

Chantal: I liked the book; I want to read the next one. I didn't love it though. Do you have a favorite of the two men?

Monroe: Ya I agree with you. It was a cute and fun quick read and I REALLY do want to read the next one, but not the strongest book I’ve come across.

Man that's a hard question...ok...

Bryn: I love this guy, he’s charming, sexy and you know deep down he really does care for Tammy Jo BUT he’s also sneaky and you're not quite sure if you can trust him.

Kyle: What a bonehead! Lol to me he’s like your typical male. Oblivious to so many things! But overall he truly loves Tammy Jo and even though they are divorced he watches out for her and you know that will never stop!

Who's your fav? I couldn't believe Bryn and Tammy have sex! OMG! Lol

Chantal: I agree with what you said about both guys. And wow at the sex. That was a shocker. I'm not sure who I like better. I think that Bryn is smarter, and Kyle is for sure a bit of a dunce. I don't know why he doesn't believe her about the magic, there was proof when a corpse came back to life and attacked people. If my husband told me something like that (about magic, witches, etc) I would believe him. I may need some convincing at first, but I would not write him off and get into fights about it. Yeah, for that reason I think I like Bryn better.

I wouldn't say that the story is great. There are some holes and eye rolling moments, but it was cute.

Monroe: Ya it pissed me off he didn't believe her. BUT I think he does now after ALL THE EVENTS and he seen what's her name that lives in the necklace b/c he asked what she looked like. So ya I think he might be more open in the next book.

I truly can't pick one over the other! Lol they both appeal to me...its hometown hottie redneck against charming rich stud! ;o)

And I too found parts in the book where I rolled my eyes or even thought it was easy to set down but I felt like by the end it ended up being a pretty good page turner!

So what did you think about Merc her cat??? He’s so adorable! Lol AND I loved that he came from Bryn! I wonder if they will bring in her family for the second one.

Chantal: I didn't like Merc at first. I hate cats. I can't say that I came to like him, but I don't hate the thought of reading any more cat scenes anymore. Although, it would make me happy if he vanished from the story all together.

LOL you sealed the deal in me liking Bryn more than Kyle. Redneck is so not my thing. Now I'll picture him with missing teeth, wearing overalls and living in a dump with a fridge full of beer. Icky!

Did you laugh when Jenny got the hiccups at the end? Remember she tried to give Jenny hiccups at the start of the story but it didn't work? Hehe, can't wait to see what else she does to Jenny in the next book.

Monroe: LMAO! I don't like rednecks either...wrong choice of words I mean more of country boy/I'll change your oil in your car without a shirt on/and drink beer while I grill outside kinda guy! Lol

I LOVED Merc! I have a cat! Lol I thought it was cute how she would talk to him and I swear he totally understood her! :o)

OMG I HATED Jenny! Lol I loved it when she got the hiccups! OH did you FLIP when she pawned her wedding ring? I flipped out and then she never got it back! She BETTER get it back by the next book.

Chantal: Ok, that's better! lol

I think that she will get all the jewelry back in the next book. Now that her witch powers are working she can curse Jenny some more.

By the way, did we ever get an explanation as to why her powers did not work before?

Monroe: Hmmm...No we didn't. Well the only thing I can think of is that Bryn had mentioned that maybe she just didn't have the proper people working with her. Like when he was trying to get her apprentice him. Like maybe working with him helped her tap into her powers?!?!

Maybe I was dumb about it but I really didn't expect his father to have been behind everything did you?

Chantal: That's what I mean about holes in the story. No real reason for her not being able to use her powers. It's not like she didn't have help. Her mom and aunt are seasoned witches.

No, I didn't expect the dad, but it was one of those “eye rolling” moments. Why didn't Bryn feel the magic his father was doing? And what was with the spell "bouncing back" when Bryn tried to find his watch? What did that mean? The spell worked but it kept him drawn to his own home because that's where the watch was? Or the spell didn't work? Grrrr.

Back to Kyle for a minute. He really believed that a gang was after her? How many clues does that man need for him to see what is right in front of his face? He sure is dumb.

Monroe: Well every dumb man needs a smart woman! Lol Ya and think he’s supposed to be a cop! Lol He must not get many raises! Girl you are SO making me pull for Bryn EVEN MORE! Lol

You can tell that the story should’ve been more thought out and maybe it’s fixed in the second book. I do believe this was KF's first book so maybe it will all come together!

And you know I thought that Kyle turning into a Were would've made for an interesting twist don't you?!?!

Chantal: YES! I wish he had been turned. You can't deny there is magic if you are able to turn furry.

I'd have liked to learn more about "the list" You know, the families that she is not supposed to go near. Since she went and had sex with someone on the list, what is the punishment? And WHY can't she be around them? I suppose it will all be answered in future books, but I HATE THAT!!! I don't like being forced to buy a sequel in order to get my questions answered. The more I think of that the madder I am getting. It's sneaky! I'm getting more pissed by the second.

Monroe: Lol ya I wish we would've AT LEAST learned more about it. Maybe not the full explanation but SOMETHING so it would want to make us want to dig more into the whys of the family. I’m not asking them to close door on subjects at least just give us a peek in! They mentioned stuff and never came back to it.

I’ll read the next one. I really like Tammy Jo and am curious and I HOPE that all the kinks are worked out by then. Let’s just say it was her "first book fluke" lol :op

Chantal: I'm going with a C+. I'll hold off on getting the next book until I see what you have to say about it.

Monroe: I think I’ll rate it about a B-...I’ll read the next one and let you know! :o)


Nicole McLaughlin said...

You guys seemed to feel the same way i did about the book. It was enjoyable....but not great by any means. I also was willing to cut her some slack because it was her first. We can all make our final decision after we read #2 which was out last month i think. Great review....Chantal you were cracking me up about getting pissed about the sequel thing!! lol

Monroe Dawson said...

Ya I want to read the second...Im thinking it will be a bit better :o) Thanks for letting me borrow it!

Tracy said...

A friend of mine gave this one to me and she really liked it. I haven't even had the desire to pick it up yet. Maybe soon. :)

nath said...

Hey ladies :D Thanks for the review! I've been eying this book for a while, ever since it was reviewed at Book Binge. Not a fan of love triangle, so I think I'll wait to see if it gets resolved before embarking in this series :D

Great review, waiting for you to read the 2nd one :D

Monroe Dawson said...

Let us know what you think. Its a fast read!

WELL you might be waiting a little bit. Like I said it was enjoyable...and pretty cute BUT I wont be breaking my neck to get to the store for the second one. Its one that Ill have to wait and see if my used book store gets! :o)

Chantal said...

Yeah, I think it will be a while before the love triangle is resolved.