Sunday, November 1

Rough, Raw, and Ready by Lorelei James

It's been a while since Ames and I did a review together, so this is a fun one.
How we decide which books to read for review is to email each other once a week and note what we are currently reading or planning to read. I was excited when Ames said she was looking at Rough, Raw, and Ready and would read it with me. Yay.
I've missed book chats with my favourite wench.

Chassie West Glanzer hasn’t been a stranger to drama and tragedy. A year of wedded bliss to sexy-as-sin cowboy Trevor Glanzer has brought her the happiness and contentment she never thought she’d find, and mellowed Trevor’s rodeo wanderlust. Then Trevor’s old roping partner ambles up the driveway—and Chassie’s life changes drastically.

Trevor never expected to see Edgard Mancuso again, after it became clear he couldn’t be the man Edgard needed. Now Edgard is back from Brazil to sort out their tangled past, and Trevor is plagued with feelings he thought he’d buried over three years ago. Although Trevor is hat-over-bootheels in love with his sweet, feisty wife, the sense his life is missing a piece has always gnawed at him.

Chassie’s shock that Edgard and Trevor were once lovers turns to fear of losing her husband. Or worse, fear that Trevor will stay with her only out of a sense of duty. Yet as the three of them spend time together, the sins of the past blur and fade, leaving raw emotion—and unbridled passion.

Passion that could heal…or cause irreparable damage to their future.

Ames: I'm halfway through RRR already! I can't put it down.

Chantal: It's yuuuuuumy.

Ames: LOL
Yeah it is. I've tried LJ before and didn't like her. But this time around, I'm liking her style.

Chantal: The only other LJ book I read was the first one in this series, where we first meet Trevor and Edgard.

Ames: I don't even remember which one I tried reading. LOL
What did you think of that first book?

Chantal: Except for the sex, I can't remember too much about it. Channing (the pregnant lady in this one) was the heroine in that book.

Ames: I think that might be the book I tried to read. I didn't get that far into it.

One day later...

Ames: I just finished Rough, Raw, and Ready.

Chantal: I'm done, too.
I liked it. Super sexy man lovin'.

Ya know, I was a bit worried about Ed and Chassie there for a bit. Even when it was just those two together I kept thinking that Ed didn't like her that way and he was just, I don't know, putting up with Chassie? I hate to word it in that manner because I know he felt something for her, but I didn't think it was the deep rooted attraction that he felt for Trevor.

Then later on the in the book Ed and Trevor are talking about that very issue. Ed says this "... I thought if I could have you occasionally, I'd put up with being in bed with Chassie too".
That's how I saw it when I was reading it.

Then he goes on to explain that that is how it was, but it's not anymore.

Anyway, by the end of the book I felt like they were truly a trio, and that there was no third wheel, which is how it often ends up in m/m/f books. At least that is how I often read them as. There is all this emotion and love with the m/m units, but the gal seems to only have a minor role.

I was glad to see that it wasn't like that with this one.

Ames: You know, I felt the exact same way! At first Ed was there for Trevor. He wanted Trevor back and I was even questioning Trevor's love! Like omg, how can your woman not complete you? LOL But I'm not one to judge and I like how everything turned out. If the relationship between Chassie and Ed hadn't developed, I would have been so upset with this book. But really, it came together so well for me. And the doubts Chassie had and how they talked about all their issues? That seemed so realistic to me!

Like I said before, I tried reading LJ once and it didn't work out. But for sure I was impressed with how RRaR was written and I'm looking forward to reading more books by LJ. She knows how to write some hawt loving and it wasn't empty - there was an actual plot involved. There were the real-life concerns of running a ranch and then there were the family issues and the doubts surrounding a menage a trois relationship - how would it be perceived by others.

And yeah it was hot. LOL

Chantal: I echo all those thoughts.

The more I read this one, the more I remembered the first book of this series. It had the scene where Channing walks in on Ed and Trevor. Remember she told Chassie about it?
It also had their scene together where Edgard leaves.
I can't recall whether or not I liked that book, though. Although, some of the love scenes from it still stand out in my mind. LJ can write GREAT sex.

Was there anything that you didn't like?

Ames: I found the dialogue to be corny a bit at times. But that's true for many books - there's a fine balance in my opinion and everyone is different. And everyone has a different sense of humour.
Also, despite this being part of a series, I thought the book stood alone very well! Like the scene Channing describes to Chassie - that's important to know but she went over it and so I didn't feel lost.
There was some head jumping, but it wasn't terribly confusing. And it was good to see how the plot evolved from everyone's perspectives.

What about yourself? Anything you didn't care for?

Chantal: I liked everything! LOL. This book is going to be on my re read list. :)

And I agree that is worked perfectly as a stand alone. We do meet some of the people from earlier books, but we are not left with any confusion about what they are talking about or going through.

Ames: I do plan on reading more by this author for sure. And I'm giving Rough, Raw, and Ready a solid B. Good pick Chantal!

Chantal: An A for me. (I've not read an A book in a long time!)


Hilcia said...

I've had this one on my TBR for a while and haven't picked it up yet. It's good to know the M/F/M is well done in the end.

LJ does good erotica and I enjoy her books, but like you, I also find that M/F/M can be a bit tricky. Great review, ladies!

Hilcia said...

Sorry, meant to say... "LJ does WRITE good erotica.." (posting too fast). :(

~ames~ said...

Hilcia - What else have you read by her?

Chantal said...

Oh I find that often time M/F/M is well written, but for M/M/F it's tricky for authors to find a good balance. It was done well in this one, though.

By the way, since reading this one I have read two others from the series. Branded by Trouble (Did not like it) and Shoulda Been a Cowboy (Liked it)

Hilcia said...

Ames, I've read "Rode Hard, Put Up Wet" and "Long Hard Ride" -- I have this one, "Tied Up, Tied Down" and "Cowgirl Up and Ride" on my TBR pile. ;P

Chantal: I understand what you're saying. I personally think it's tricky and applies to both. I personally don't enjoy M/F/M where the M's don't have an emotional or a physical attachment to each other and that happens a lot in M/F/M.

The men are in the same room, with the same woman and yet they're oblivious to each other -- it doesn't make sense to me. So because of that, for me in erotica, the tricky balancing part applies to both m/f/m and m/m/f. Personal POV. :)

The Write Stylz (TWS) PR Firm said...

I'd like you to consider a review for a new book. How do I submit my request to you?


~ames~ said...

Hilcia-Cowgirl Up and Ride is the one I'm interested in.

Write Stylz-You can email us at breezingthroughbooks at gmail dot com and we'll get back to you!

Anonymous said...

This was my first LJ book and now I'm going back to read them all. I started reading this on my Kindle on the DC Metro and I think I blushed the whole way too and from work. I couldn't put it down. This was eye scalding hot. She did the M/M action well and tasteful. I didn't think it would be my thing but couldn't stop reading. I like your review of this book-spot on.