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Succubi Like It Hot by Jill Myles

So Monroe, Chantal and I enjoyed Gentlemen Prefer Succubi so much, we just had to read the sequel as soon as it was available.

Unfortunately, I am sick and it was my turn to put our review together. I somehow got it into my head (I blame my sickness) that the review magically put itself up. I completely blanked!

Fortunately, I have wonderful friends who smack me around and told me I was derelict in my buddy review duties and so here you have it, our review, FINALLY. LOL

Also, as usual, there are spoilers.

With a hot new figure, her dream job as an archaeologist, and two gorgeous boyfriends to scratch her seductive Itch — an angel and a vampire — Jackie Brighton is totally getting the hang of life as a succubus. Then she accidentally knocks the pizza guy unconscious with her touch. Great — she's cursed. After striking a deal to get the curse lifted by a crafty demon, Jackie and her best friend Remy take a road trip to deliver a cryptic message to the nation's oldest succubus. Unfortunately, neither of her jealous lovers is talking to Jackie right now, and due to the curse, she's desperate to get her Itch scratched very soon. Their journey gets weirder with every mile — demonic possession, a charming stalker, a cryptic warning — and when they get to New Orleans, Jackie discovers a dangerous catch to her supernatural bargain. Someone wants her dead — again. Can a brainy vixen in a miniskirt outsmart the forces of evil?

Ames: I'm finished!

Monroe: I'm done, too. I had tears in my eyes at the end.

Chantal: I'm finished too.

So I remember you said that you were mad at the guys around chapter two? Probably because they were not there for her?

I wasn’t mad at them. Noah didn’t know that she was forced to scratch her itch more often. If he did then he would have helped her, no matter how pissed or green he was about Zane.

It didn’t bother me that Zane was out all night doing whatever he does.

Also, I knew that when Zane took off and left the note that he was gone to try and help her. I wanted to shake Jackie for her woe is me attitude.

She should know him better by now and she needs to stop holding the past against him. Really, get over it you lucky bitch. If you don’t trust him then dump him! (and then give him to me) it’s that simple.

Ames: Ok, the reason I was pissed off at both guys is because neither of them were communicating with her! Noah didn't tell her about the trouble he was in for making her and Zane said zilch about the vampire queen. So of course Jackie gets in trouble because of lack of information and then the guys come in at the last minute and she forgives them. Seriously, Jackie needs to make them realize she's their equal, not just a sexual play thing for them. GRRR.

That's why I was mad at the guys.

I knew Zane was doing something to help, but it still pissed me off that he just took off. Why couldn't he take the time to tell Jackie that he was going back to help her?

Monroe: Well I was upset like Jackie! Lol She was scared of dying and felt abandoned. Now I think she should’ve told Noah when he asked what was wrong and we know he would’ve helped! Now as for Zane…I just feel he should’ve told her. Opened up to her so she wouldn’t have any doubt as to his intentions.

That’s one thing that killed me in this book…the guys expect her to live this long life and get used to what she is YET they can’t trust her at all to take on what’s going on around her! They want her to act like a big girl, they need to treat her like one! Lol

So were y’all happy to see more of Noah? I totally was!!! And ya that shower scene…OMG! ;o)

Chantal: I still like Zane better. Noah is cool, but Zane in my man. He sacrificed everything for her. *sniff*

Oh that shower scene wasn't at all as hot as I thought it would be. Come on, oral in the shower is a given (at least here it is, LOL) I was expecting something different.

Ames: I was very happy with Noah in this book. :P That shower scene was yum.

And that scene when he catches up to her in the hotel? When her hair is falling out and she's freaking out? I was really touched by how caring Noah was. I heart Noah.

However, neither guy is on top right now. I'm pissed at both of them. LOL

Monroe: Ya I loved that shower scene! And I’m glad we got SO MANY tender moments with him. We really got to see how much he loves Jackie! :*) I think its funny how she is scared to love them! UGH I’m like how could you NOT?!?!?

I’m ok with both the guys now I just hate it ended how it did and I DIDN’T read the excerpt to the 3rd book…too much of a tease for me! lol

Ames: Oh, I only read part of the excerpt. Her and Noah are on that dig.

I liked how her new boss was defending her to Noah, like she can sleep with whoever she wants to, even him if that's her choice. LMAO

Monroe: Ya! Lol I liked how her boss was all into her! And did y’all think her boss was gonna walk in on them in the beginning? I TOTALLY DID! Lol

Oh and how sad was it for Noah to look at the pic of the fallen angel? SO SAD! Just like when they were in the shower and she soaped up where his wings were and he was like “not there”!

Speaking of wings, I love how Zane always wraps his around Jackie for protection etc! YUM!

Chantal: I liked that part, when Zane wrapped his wings around her.

Did either of you wonder why Zane was so worried about the other succubus hurting Jackie? He seemed to think that Jackie would be harmed by her.

I LOL'ed when Jackie was trying to pull the demon off of her and she gave her the finger, LOL!

Monroe: What other succubus? The one who helped-I forget her name? Maybe he thought that b/c she has powers??? Idk?!?!

Ya I laughed when she gave the finger too! Lol

I kept feeling bad for poor Remy! That demon inside of her…UGH! I wanted more of funny Remy!

Chantal: Yeah, the old one. I forget her name, too.

Ames: Delilah

I laughed at the giving of the finger too. I bookmarked it! And poor Remy! Ewww, that truck driver!

I liked how Noah was showing Delilah he was with Jackie now. :P Cuz sometimes guys act dumb when another girl is after them. But not our dear sweet Noah. LOL

Chantal: Yes! I liked that part. Delilah was totally bitchy, so I liked that Noah just pulled Jackie closer and showed that they were indeed an item.

Monroe: Oh I loved that Noah clearly showed Jackie and him were an item! :o) I love my Noah!

Ames: OH MY GOD! I totally forgot to mention this - remember when she was coming out of the woods in the middle of nowhere? I was like, how the heck is she gonna get herself out of this mess?? And then she used her Suck powers and did it! I was so impressed with her for that.

AND I found Remy switching up vehicles kind of inconsistent. She comes off as street smart and for her to give away a hummer for another car and get taken in by those guys saying that it never broke down on them? That kind of bugged me.

Chantal: Yup, much impressed with how she handled herself in several situations. She is taking charge, but not being stupid about it and putting herself or others in danger.

Remy confused me, too. The Hummer thing wasn't that smart of her. Sure, switch the cars, but make sure it runs.

Monroe: YES I too was happy that Jackie was owning up to what she is and taking control! She got herself out of a tight spot and thought quick! Just like later on when she called the demon when she was with Luc!

Ya Remy was off when she took the clunker in place of her Hummer!

How funny though was it when she started to lick the guys at her signing! Lol I DIED! She wanted to EAT THEM! ROAR!

Chantal: Oh! Let's talk about Luc. I was totally fooled! I thought he was going to be a good guy. I thought he was going to shower Jackie with attention and then Noah and Zane would get jealous, etc.

I kinda figured that wasn't going to happen after she freaked out in the car.

Sooo funny how she got off and just left him hanging, LOL!!

Ames: I at first thought that about Luc too! Because he warned her she was being followed. So I thought maybe he'd watch over her from someone else! He seemed so hot. But it came to me in a flash - he's gotta be an incubus.

Chantal: I never thought Luc was a Incubus, but after he acted weird in the car I thought that he was a Warlock. Which he turned out to be, an incubus AND a warlock. There has got to be a neat story behind that.

Monroe: Lol ya I liked Luc ALL THE WAY until he kept wanting to force her to say she liked what he was doing to her…he kinda creeped me out then! Lol Do you think we will see him again? Remember Zane was saying the Queen would want him back! He was a hottie though FO SHO!

I just thought he was a warlock! I had never figured him to be an Incubus…and you figure he would take pity on Jackie. I mean she’s sorta in the same position. Ok she’s not TOTALLY ruled by her masters BUT she’s a Suck and she’s a prisoner to sex and living forever etc.

Oh and what up about Zane being a prince! Lol YIPES!

Chantal: I already miss Zane :-(

He probably wont be in the next book to much. At least Jackie will have Noah there to cheer her up.

Monroe: True…I’m wondering (and don’t hurt me) if one of them will die…or maybe we think he’s dead and get worried that if the other dies so will Jackie?!?!

Chantal: *GASP* Don't even!

Ames: What is it with you and trying to get rid of one of the guys? Deal with it! There are two men in Jackie's life! LOL

Monroe: Lol I’m always the downer with you two! ;op~

Hey it could happen!

Chantal: You stop it or else I will break a halo over your head and you'll be possessed!

Monroe: I’m not trying to get rid of them I just look for what will worry us down the road! Lol I’m a worrier at heart!

Oh one more thing…Zane and Jackie in the bathroom right before he left! WOOWEE! Lol Even though it wasn’t a full blown interaction it was effing HOT!

Alrighty grades…? I give it an
A! I loved this little book and can’t wait to read the 3rd!

Chantal: I'm going with a B+.

It's going to be a long wait for the next book. Maybe we should beg for an ARC.

Ames: I'm giving it a B+ too. I can't wait for the next one.


booklover0226 said...

Folks, I enjoyed this post! I have book 1 and look forward in purchasing and reading book 2.

Tracey D

Monroe Dawson said...

You wont be let down Tracey! :o)