Monday, February 14

4th Blogiversary!!

Nath: Today is a special day :) Not only is it Valentine's Day (Happy Valentine's Day!!), but it is also Breezing Through's 4th Blogiversary!! Wow, time really goes by fast! I know I say this often, but it's really how I feel ^_^; You blink and a few weeks, months, years have gone by :P

I remember the idea of starting Breezing Through came to me around the time Ames came to Montreal for a visit. We were always discussing the books we read and I wanted to have a blog together, something that both Ames and I have started and would really belong to us. A blog focusing on buddy reviews sounded good and fun :) The idea was only reinforced after we visited Chantal. While we liked the idea, Ames and I can be huge procrastinators LOL and it took months before we finally got Breezing Through started :) Then later on, we asked Monroe to join us :)

Monroe: YAY Im so glad yall asked me to be part of the team!

Ames: LOL I won't argue with you there, Nath, I know I'm a big procrastinator. And I'm glad you've joined our team Monroe.  :P

Nath: We both are, Ames LOL.

Breezing Through has gone through many ups and downs since its creation. Mainly because of the format of the blog: buddy reviews. Maintaining a regular review blog is already hard what with balancing our reading and blogging as well as our real life, but add in reading the same book, the actual discussion and putting the reviews together... Well, it's really been challenging LOL. Still, we're definitively not giving up on Breezing Through and hopefully, there'll be many, many reviews to come for you all to enjoy :D

Ames: I think the driving force behind BT is you, Nath. :) You're so good at getting people to buddy review with you and I have to say thanks for that. I will try harder this year.(hint hint friends *snicker*)

Monroe: I second Ames comment...Nath you are the backbone to this shindig and we love you for it girl!

Nath: What you two mean is that I'm pushy LOL. However, I really have to thank everyone who has agreed to participate to buddy reviews on Breezing Through. It is really appreciated! LOL, without you all, I'd have pushed Ames and Monroe out of their mind LOL.

Ames: Yes everyone. Thank YOU. haha

Nath: In any case, every year, Breezing Through has an Anti-Valentine's giveaway. This year however, Valentine's Day kind of crept up on us LOL. Since we weren't prepared, I thought we'd give up the Anti-Valentine's giveaway this year and wait until Breezing Through's blogiversary to do one... but LOL, turns out Valentine's Day IS Breezing Through's blogiversary!! Oups ^_^;

Still, it's a bit last minute, so instead of giving away books, Ames, Monroe and I are each giving out a 20$ gift certificate for the bookstore of choice :) All you have to do is comment on this post and if you have any suggestions to make Breezing Through better or a feature you'd like to see, please feel free! However, there is a trick to this giveaway :P The three winners of this giveaway will have to help Monroe, Ames and I and contribute a buddy review to Breezing Through :) So beware!! :)

Ames: The winner gets to pick which book we review too. :) So three winners, three reviews. One with Nath, one with Monroe, and one with me. :P

Monroe: WOOP WOOP FREE BOOKS YOU GUYS! ;) Thanks for lovin' our blog as much as we do!

AmesThe contest is open till midnight February 17 and the winners will be announced on Friday, February 18.

Good luck!


Tabitha said...

Woot I'm a first commenter! Congrats ladies, you guys have done an awesome job here! Cheers to many more years of blogging together!

Btw, please don't enter me in the giveaway. I just stopped by to say hi and congrats. :)

Lori said...

Happy blogiversary!!!! Has it really been 4 years? Wow. keep those buddy reviews coming :)

Rowena said...

Wow, you guys have been around for a good while. Congrats on the blogoversary and I don't think you guys should change anything but I'm greedy so I think you guys should post more! Give my greedy ass more book discussions to read, I love them!

Kulsuma said...

Hi! Four years! That's a long time. Congratulations:) I think you are doing a wonderful job. Keep it up!
Please count me in if it's international, though I'm slightly scared of the buddy review lol.

Mollie said...

Happy Blog-o-versary! 4, time flies! :D

Kailana said...

Happy Blogiversary!! I always forget mine for my own blog. It's been a few years since I actually mentioned... Go me! lol

Hilcia said...

H-H-H-appy Blogiversary ladies! 4 years is awesome! I'm with Rowena, more, more and more book discussions. ;P

Spav said...

Happy Blogiversary! 4 years is a very long time.

Leslie said...

Big congrats on your Blogiversay! I love reading your reviews and getting the different perspectives all at once.

Can't think of anything I'd change - just more please. :)

CindyS said...

4 years!? Not possible.

Like really?

Happy 4th Blogiversary!! Just keep having fun!


AubreyLaine said...

Congratulations! I'd love to win!

Christine said...

Congratulations and Happy Blogiversary!! WOW! Four years of buddy book blogging is amazing! Actually, four years of any kind of blogging is amazing, but you guys take the cake! ^_^

I love your buddy reviews... AND I love your monthly post on new releases. Although sometimes it makes me want too many books. LOL!

All the best for many more years reading and reviewing together, ladies! xo

Li said...

Happy blogiversary, ladies!

Second everything everyone has said, especially the buddy blogging format - it's almost as good as talking books in real life!

Kris said...

Happy blogiversary ladies!!!! Guess I have loved this blog for 4 years now :D