Tuesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day and a Blogiversary!!

From Nath and I, we'd like to wish all our friends a Happy Valentine's Day!  May you receive lots of chocolate kisses.

Also, today is the 4th Blogiversary for Breezing Through!!  It's like a double rainbow of awesomeness.  haha

The road has been long and difficult and we've dropped the ball many times, but I'm really happy we've made it this far :) And we're determined to still be here next year! We'll be working hard to write and post buddy reviews and we hope that you'll join us in our endeavor :P

Last but not least, a big thank you to our blogger friends and readers for visiting Breezing Through! We hope you'll continue the journey with us :)


Christine said...

Aww Happy Valentine's Day AND Blog-o-versary!!!!

Isabel said...

Happy Valentine's Day and Anniversary!

Hilcia said...

Ohhh, Happy (belated Valentine's Day), but Happy Anniversary to Breezing Through. Love you ladies!

nath said...

Thank you everyone! :)

Leslie said...

Happy Belated Blogiversary! (now I'm craving chocolate cupcakes!)