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Buddy Review: Into the Deep by Samantha Young

Rowena and I made a pact that we would buddy review at least once a month in 2014.  January was a bit of a dud because I picked a crappy book that Wena couldn't even finish. LOL So for February we decided on Into the Deep because a) we realized neither of us had reviewed it and b) we both wanted to re-read it. The sequel comes out in May and I know I wanted to refresh myself on this story.

Into the Deep by Samantha Young
Self-published August 2013
Live young. Live hard. Love deep.

Charley Redford was just an ordinary girl until Jake Caplin moved to her small town in Indiana and convinced her she was extraordinary. Almost from day one Jake pulled Charley into the deep and promised he was right there with her. But when a tragic incident darkened Jake’s life he waded out into the shallows and left Charley behind.

Almost four years later Charley thinks she’s moved on. That is until she takes a study year abroad in Edinburgh and bumps into none other than Jake Caplin at a party with his new girlfriend. The bad-boy-turned-good attempts to convince Charley to forgive him, and as her best friend starts spending time with Jake’s, Charley calls a truce, only to find herself tumbling back into a friendship with him.

As they grow closer, the spark between them flares and begins playing havoc with their lives and relationships. When jealousy and longing rear their destructive heads, Charley and Jake struggle to come to grips with what they mean to one another.

And even if they work it out, there is no guarantee Charley will ever trust Jake to lead her back into the deep...
Genre: New Adult
Series: Into the Deep #1

Ames: Ok, the first time I read Into The Deep I loved it. I didn't care that it ended on a cliffhanger. But re-reading it? Oh man! Jake got on my nerves then Charley got on my nerves. And yet in the end, I still love it. Go figure. haha

Rowena: Same here. When I first read this book last year (I read this book in October of last year so it wasn't even that long ago), I loved it. I thought it was the bomb and I loved both Jake and Charley (though Jake did get on my nerves from time to time) but this time around? Everyone got on my nerves, except for Charley's Dad and mostly Charley's whole family. I seriously wanted to throat punch Jake with a hammer throughout most of the book, but I also wanted to smack Claudia upside her head too.

If Claudia would have taken her head out of Beck's ass for a minute, she would have seen the truth of the matter where Jake was concerned, in Charley's eyes. As her best friend, it was her duty to put Charley's needs first. And she never did. And that pissed me off.

Ames: Oh yeah, Charley's dad is great. I can't wait to see his reaction in book 2 to recent developments!

I agree about Claudia. She saw Charley's breakdown after she ran into Jake the first time. Why would she keep forcing her to hang out with Jake and his friends? Also, Charley should have grown a freaking pair and just stopped hanging out with them on her own. Like she's an American in a foreign she's just going to hang out with other Americans and not get friendly with the locals?

I think the whole point of Charley continuing to hang out with Jake and co. was to show how even though she wanted to be over him, she really wasn't. And that was annoying. LOL I just wish she'd have made more of an effort to stay away.

Rowena: I think I would have liked this book more if Charley kept running into Jake around town, and not because her bestie was trying to bang his best friend, forcing her to hang out with the lot of them. I agree about Charley growing a pair. Take a stand and stop catering to your selfish bestie. STOP HANGING OUT WITH JAKE!

I think I stayed mad at Jake because he took so freaking long to break up with Melissa. Charley's first reaction to him wasn't at all good, so he had to have been an idiot to not know that she wasn't completely over him and it was cruel of him to bring A FREAKING GIRL ON CHARLEY'S TRIP! I can't get over that. I was really bothered by it and that he didn't break things off or not bring Melissa around Charley. I was mad at the whole lot of them. Everyone that wanted Charley to see things from Jake's perspective, give him a chance to explain.

FUCK HIM! She didn't owe him a damn thing and to hell with all of HER FRIENDS trying to tell her otherwise. This is why I was such a big fan of her family. Charley's Dad's reaction to seeing Jake at the airport? OMG, best part of the entire freaking book!

Ames: Ok, not to defend Jake, but he says he met Melissa at the meeting for kids who wanted to study abroad. So Melissa was planning on coming on the trip anyway.

Who know else was a true friend to Charley? LOWE. He took her side in all of this and thought Jake was a freaking idiot.

Jake put himself in an impossible position and it didn't help once he broke up with Melissa. Look at how quickly he ran back to her when she was upset. And then stayed with her until 2 in the morning. Honestly, I can see Melissa saying she's pregnant or something in the next book to create drama for them.

Rowena: Sure, I'll give him that...but that doesn't change the fact that by the time they got to Scotland for CHARLEY'S TRIP, Melissa was his girlfriend. The whole reason he was going to Scotland in the first place was in hopes of seeing Charley. And yeah, he thought that she might have moved on but that doesn't change the fact that after he found out that Charley was on the trip and he reaction to seeing him on the trip with his girlfriend, he stayed with her. He still wanted to be around was a total dick move and Jake kept making it over and over again.

I completely agree with the whole Lowe thing. He was a really good friend to Charley and probably a shit friend to Jake, considering Jake was his friend first. Ha!

Jake was an asshole in this book. There's no getting around that. Regardless of his feelings or where his head was, he did put himself in an impossible situation and he kept making all the wrong choices. When he ran back to Melissa after they broke up and was with her until 2am, I was almost completely done with him. To be honest, I have no idea why I even liked this book...but I did. What's wrong with me? Haha.

Ames: OMG I was just thinking that! Why did I like this book? But I did. I don't doubt the love that Charley and Jake feel. They're both young and immature but once they cement their bond again, they'll be good. I don't doubt that. But I think they're going to have a few more curveballs thrown at them.

Also, our tolerance for bullshit is going down. And Jake is so full of crap his eyes are brown.

Rowena: LMAO! Oh man do I love you, Ames. You're right, Jake is full of crap.

I was thinking about the book and why, after all the stuff that I hated about Jake. What it was about him that completely wrecked me. The stuff that made me fall in love with him even though he made every dick move in the book. It was his speech after he punched Lowe out. It was, like you said, not doubting the depths of their feelings for each other. Jake's feelings for Charley and vice versa. They loved each other and they had a lot to work on but their love for one another wasn't it. That was rock solid and I know that things are going to be rocky in the next book but, I have every faith that they'll fix things. For them (and for me), it'll be worth it.

So now that all of that is out of the way...what grade are you going to give it this time around?

Ames: Exactly!! I don't doubt their love. Plus Jake as a high schooler, when he's wooing Charley to begin with? That's awesome. He's not douchey-Jake at that time. LOL

As much as everyone annoyed me, I still finished the book with an "awww shucks" and a big smile on my face. So a B+. haha You?

Rowena: Haha, same. We're a pair, huh?

Ames:  Yeah. LOL

Next up:
For March, Wena and I decided to read the Avery Shaw Experiment by Kelly Oram. Nath enjoyed it as well as Izzy, so we're intrigued. :P

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