Wednesday, February 4

New Releases - February 2015

Happy February everyone! We made it through January, the longest harshest month of the year. Or was that just me? LOL Dealing with living on the prairies, we had temperatures ranging from the -40s to above freezing. And not a lot of snow. Snow makes the cold bearable. So to not have any wasn't any fun. 

Nath and I are still playing around with the new releases post format. There were some good suggestions in January so for February I've made every title link to Goodreads. That way it'll be easy to see if a book is something you'd be interested in and you can add it to your wishlist! Let us know what works and what doesn't!

Purple font means it's my choice, blue is Nath and black is both of us. 


Auto-Buy Authors

Closer Than You Think by Karen Rose (O'Bannion, B01) - Feb. 3
Hero by Samantha Young - Feb. 3

Obsession in Death by J.D. Robb (In Death, B40) - Feb. 10
Shadow Study by Maria V. Snyder (Soulfinders, B01) - Feb. 24


The Deal by Elle Kennedy (Off-Campus, B01) - Feb. 24
First Time in Forever by Sarah Morgan (Puffin Island, B01) - Feb. 24
One Wish by Robyn Carr (Thunder Point, B07) - Feb. 24

Definitely Getting

When Good Earls Go Bad by Megan Frampton (Dukes Behaving Badly, B01.5) - Feb.  3 
Rough Justice by Sarah Castille (Sinners Tribe MC, B01) - Feb. 3
Once and Always by Julia Harper - Feb. 24

On The Radar/Maybes

Be Mine Forever by Kennedy Ryan (The Bennetts, B03) - Feb. 3
Quarter Back Draw by Jaci Burton (Play by Play, B09) - Feb. 3
Rescue Me by Catherine Mann (Second Chance Ranch, B02) - Feb. 3

Beyond the Sunrise by Mary Balogh *reprint* - Feb. 3
Meet Me at the Beach by V.K. Sykes (Seashell Bay, B01) - Feb. 24


So that's what February looks like for us. What about you? How is the new format working for you?

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