Saturday, December 11

Happy Birthday Ames!!!

Today is Ames' birthday!! Woohoo!! Monroe and I both want to say a few words :)


I wish you the best of everything in the coming year, Ames!! Especially good times with friends, family, your babies and good reads! :) Let our friendship continue to flourish!!

Seriously, we have to get together this year, Ames :) We need new pictures together and new memories! are undoubtedly my very best friend. I totally count myself the luckiest gal in the world to have met such a kinda hearted person like you! You bring out the best in everyone that surrounds you! I hope you know that you are truly loved!

Here's to many more birthdays AND many more years of enjoying each others friendship! I liver you sister of my heart! ;)

Wednesday, December 1

December New Releases

The holidays are officially upon us and here are the book we're hoping to find under our Christmas tree this year, if we can wait until the 25th. LOL Or maybe we'll just slip these books in with our gift purchases as a gift to ourselves. hehe

December 1

Marry Me by Jo Goodman
Published by Kensington
Her Heart Was Locked Away Rhyne Abbot is fierce, brave, and used to a life of isolation on her father's spread on the outskirts of Reidsville, Colorado. But when, overcome with sickness, she collapses, she knows she must return to town if she is to have any hope of recovery. Only there is no place for her but the new doctor's home, and he wants more than just to heal Rhyne. He wants her hand in marriage. Until One Man Found The Key Doctor Cole Monroe's hands are already more than full with his orphaned little sister to look after, and yet somehow he can't resist the magnetic pull of Rhyne's bewitching eyes—or her tempting kiss. But convincing her to trust him won't be easy. For Rhyne's heart needs as much tender care as her ailing body. And the only cure is the thing she most fears: to let herself fall in love...
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: n/a

Ames: I originally had this book pegged as a November release and then looking at different websites, there are different release dates. So I'm plunking it here, December 1 because I at least know it's coming out sometime this month! LOL Also, I enjoyed Never Love a Lawman and had been looking forward to Goodman's next release for a while. Yay, it's finally arrived!

 December 7

Alien Tango by Gini Koch
Published by DAW Books
It's been five months since marketing manager Katherine "Kitty" Katt started working with the aliens from Alpha Centauri, and she and Jeff Martini are getting closer. But when an experimental spacecraft is mysteriously returned to the Kennedy Space Center, Kitty and the rest of her team are called in to investigate. Now the team must survive murderous attacks, remove a space entity from a group of astronauts, and avoid an unhinged woman with a serious crush on Kitty's high school boyfriend. And that's all before evil masterminds decide Kitty's extermination is vital.
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Series: not sure what this series is called, but it's book 2, following Touched by an Alien

Ames:  I read and loved Touched by an Alien a few months ago and I cannot wait for Alien Tango!! The world Gini Koch has built is awesome and her writing is excellent and funny. If you haven't yet, definitely read Touched by an Alien, you won't be sorry!

Nath: Really looking forward to this book :) I can't wait, because I'm sure it's going to be a total hoot! 

Monroe: What a cover! lol Sounds interesting though!

Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead
Published by Penguin
Murder. Love. Jealousy. And the ultimate sacrifice. Now, with Rose on trial for her life and Lissa first in line for the Royal Throne, nothing will ever be the same between them.
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
Series: Vampire Academy, Book #6

Monroe: Ok I'm like one book behind in this series but I can't wait to get to this book! This series has so many ups and downs you'll be sick with giddiness! lol

No Place to Run by Maya Banks
Published by Berkley
The last person Sam Kelly expected to save was Sophie Lundgren. Once they shared a brief, intense affair while Sam was undercover and then she vanished. She's spent the last few months on the run, knowing that any mistake would cost her both her life and that of their unborn child. Now she's resurfaced with a warning for Sam: this time, he's the one in danger.
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: KGI, Book #2

Ames: I'm a fan of Maya's and I enjoyed the first book enough to want to read Sam's book. We'll see.

Nath: I still haven't read the first book... I probably should and then decide on this one. I like the cover though!

Monroe: I need to read more of this Asap! I have to say Id pick up anything written by her!

Not Knowing Jack by KA Mitchell
Published by Samhain
Bartender Tony Gemetti has it all: a rich, hot boyfriend, a McMansion in the ’burbs and unlimited sex in an expectation-free zone. He thought that was all he ever wanted out of any relationship—until Jack begins making excuses for frequent disappearances. Realizing he has more than his libido and enough drawers for his T-shirt collection riding on this relationship, Tony figures it’s time to find out what’s going on. Jack Noble has spent his life hiding his real self behind a carefully created image. With Tony, he finally knows real freedom, real happiness. Now a past of buried secrets and lies is closing in, and no matter how hard he tries to stop it, the truth is tearing through. Once Tony learns what kind of man Jack really is, he won’t stay. Jack’s sure of it. Suddenly the past shows up in a completely unexpected way, testing the boundaries of their old, coasting-along-on-fun relationship. Tony indeed finds that Jack isn’t the man he went looking for, but it’s too late. There’s too much at stake to just walk away. First, though, he has to make sure there are no lies left for Jack to hide behind.
Genre: M/M Romance
Series: n/a

Ames: I really enjoy Mitchell's writing and this one sounds interesting.

December 21

Trust Me if You Dare by L.B. Gregg
Published by Samhain
Feisty New Yorker Caesar Romano has a knack for getting into a jam, and this week is no exception. When his pregnancy-hormone-buzzed business partner sweet talks him into working a solo gig for his famous ex, Caesar attracts the worst kind of attention. It’s only the beginning. Hit on by a lusty German, stalked by the paparazzi, victim of an unexpected airbag attack—and desperate for some part-time help—Ce’s running out of time, staff and patience. But what’s really got him poised to run? A looming brunch with his sexy lover’s esteemed family. PI Dan Albright is a man of many gifts: investigation, security, sex talk and driving Caesar nuts in and out of the bedroom. Hired to protect an outrageous soap star from a deranged personal assistant, Dan’s got his hands full refereeing rival actors, locating one four-foot-eleven woman…and convincing Ce that he’s playing for keeps. Hey, nobody ever said taking a relationship to the next level was a waltz in the park.
Genre: M/M Romance
Series: Romano & Albright, Book #2

Ames: LB Gregg is another author I really enjoy and so for sure I'll be getting this book. :P

December 28

My Fair Succubi by Jill Myles
Published by Simon & Schuster

Living as a succubus has a bit of a learning curve, but with sexy fallen angel Noah to scratch her sensual Itch, Jackie Brighton is finally starting to feel ahead of the game. She almost doesn’t miss her gorgeous vampire master Zane—or his sinful, teasing mouth. She’s trying to convince herself of that, anyway. But Jackie’s past mistakes catch up with her, spinning her life out of control once more. Just as her friend Remy’s inner demon comes out to play, Noah and Jackie are arrested by the angelic Serim Council. When Jackie seizes the chance to escape, she falls right into Zane’s waiting arms. As she’s pulled into a game of cat and mouse between vampires and angels, she finds she must also choose between the two men in her life. Can she decide between Noah and Zane, or will she lose everything she’s ever wanted? Because there’s more at stake than just her heart...
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Succubus Diaries, Book #3

Ames: Chantal, Monroe and I have all been reading this series and it's lots of fun. Definitely buying this one. I just hate to wait until the end of the month!!

Monroe: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I've been waiting and waiting! *sigh and look at that cover!

All She Wrote by Josh Lanyon
Published by Samhain
A murderous fall down icy stairs is nearly the death of Anna Hitchcock, the much-beloved “American Agatha Christie” and Christopher Holmes’s former mentor. Anna’s plea for him to host her annual winter writing retreat touches all Kit’s sore spots—traveling, teaching writing classes, and separation from his new lover, J.X. Moriarity. For J.X., Kit’s cancellation of yet another romantic weekend is the death knell of a relationship that has been limping along for months. But that’s just as well, right? Kit isn’t ready for anything serious and besides, Kit owes Anna far too much to refuse. Faster than you can say “Miss Marple wears boxer shorts”, Kit is snooping around Anna’s elegant, snowbound mansion in the Berkshires for clues as to who’s trying to kill her. A tough task with six amateur sleuths underfoot. Six budding writers with a tangled web of dark undercurrents running among them. Slowly, Kit gets the uneasy feeling that the secret may lie between the pages of someone’s fictional past. Unfortunately, a clever killer is one step ahead. And it may be too late for J.X. to ride to the rescue.
Genre: M/M Fiction
Series: Holmes & Moriarity, Book #2

Ames: I love love love Josh Lanyon's writing and so even though I haven't read the first in this series, I'll buy it and read it and love it and then read this one. LOL

Wedding of the Season by Laura Lee Guhrke
Published by Harpercollins Publishers (Avon)
Being jilted. It’s awful for a girl. Especially if your fiancé was also your childhood sweetheart , your prince charming, and the handsome, rakish duke you’d built all your dreams around. Even more awful if he jilted you two weeks before your wedding and took off for Egypt. It would take a girl a long time to get over that sort of humiliation. But what if six years later, on the eve of your next wedding, he returns and he decides he wants you back? Too bad, you say? But what if he’s as hot, handsome, and rakishly charming as ever? What if his return stirs up all the old passions you thought you’d conquered? What if you find yourself longing for the past and questioning the future? What if you have to spend a whole month at the same house party with him and your new fiancé? Well, for Lady Beatrix Danbury, that sort of situation is more than awful. It’s impossible. It’s intolerable. It’s a nightmare. But it might also turn out to be her dream come true.
Genre: Historical romance
Series: Abandoned at the Altar trilogy, Book #1

Nath: I've been looking forward to Ms Guhrke new release as I was expecting it in the fall. Was a bit disappointed to have to wait till December, but then Avon made it up for me by having back to back releases :) This sound pretty cute... and why does Danbury sound so familiar a name?

Ames: This sounds cute, especially since they're childhood friends. And I know it's been getting some favorable reviews already. :P

Rafferty's Wife by Kay Hooper
Published by Bantam
Sarah Cavell is a beautiful, brilliant cryptographer with the uncanny ability to crack any code. But her most daunting challenge may be reading the true feelings of her new "husband," Rafferty Lewis, the secretive federal agent to whom she's just been assigned. Sent on a perilous mission to a Caribbean nation teetering on the brink of revolution, the two must go undercover as husband and wife to make contact with a shadowy informant passing on cryptic messages that could trap a terrorist. Pilot, sharpshooter, and accomplished yachtsman, Rafferty prides himself on being the epitome of coolness under pressure. But in the aftermath of a marital tragedy that exposed his vulnerable core, the prospect of pantomiming intimacy with a woman of Sarah's intoxicating allure has him unnerved, to say the least-and that could prove deadly for both of them. Dodging danger at every turn even as passion's magnet draws them closer to each other, these two make-believe lovers will learn that the heart is a puzzle they can only solve together.
Genre: contemporary romance
Series: The Hagans, Book #3

Nath: Another Kay Hooper re-print. What can I say? :P I admit to not having read all of the re-prints I bought, but this one sounds particularly interesting :)

Monday, November 1

November New Releases

It’s that time again – a new month is upon us and a whole new slew of books to look forward to. I’m especially excited because this time around, I’ll be buying some of these books in Georgia!

Ok, so here’s what we’re looking forward to.

November 2

When Harry Met Molly by Kieran Kramer
published by St. Martin’s Press
Dashing Lord Harry Traemore is perfectly content to live out his days in the pursuit of pleasure. But when he's named by the Prince Regent as one of society's "Impossible Bachelors," Harry is drafted into a ribald romantic wager. The rules of engagement are scandalously simple: The bachelor whose mistress wins the title of "Most Delectable Companion" gets to remain unmarried. Harry is utterly unconcerned about his status...until his latest lightskirt abandons him.

Enter Lady Molly Fairbanks. Harry's childhood friend- actually, "foe" is more like it-is the most unlikely companion of all. She's attractive but hot-headed, and in no mood for games. Besides, what could the self-indulgent Harry possibly know about what makes a woman delectable? It's time for Molly to teach him a lesson once and for all...but will it lead to "happily ever after"?
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Impossible Bachelors, Book #1

Ames: I don’t know about you guys, but this book sounds UBER CUTE. From the title to the fact that they’re childhood foes. I’m really looking forward to this debut novel, even if it is from St. Martin’s Press (which I hate, y’all).

Nath: Great minds think alike Ames! This book totally caught my attention when I was looking for new releases :) It does sound cute and fun :) I'm expecting a lot of banter and witty comments. By the way, St. Martin's Press is not too bad when it comes to paperback...

Ames: When it comes to pricing out their e-books they're horrible, even for paperbacks. Jerks.

Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts
published by Berkley
As the public face of Vows wedding planning company, Parker Brown has an uncanny knack for fulfilling every bride's vision. She just can't see where her own life is headed. Mechanic Malcomb Kavanaugh loves figuring out how things work, and Parker is no exception. Both know that moving from minor flirtation to major hook-up is a serious step. Parker's business risks have always paid off, but now she'll have to take the chance of a lifetime with her heart...
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Bride Quartet, Book #4

Ames: I have to admit, I already read this. Haha. I did enjoy it but it’s not my favorite. I’ll be buying it for my mom to read. LOL

Nath: Looking forward to it :) I haven't warmed up much to Parker, but Malcom is yummy yummy. Hopefully, Ms Roberts wraps up the series well.

Monroe: : I haven't caught up in this series yet BUT I love what I've read thus far! ;) I'm really starting to get into Nora's books so I can't wait to pick this one up!

Inside Out by Lauren Dane
published by Berkley
In the wake of an attack that left her nearly dead, Ella Tipton has spent each day putting her life back together. She doesn't have any room for romance, but that doesn't mean she has to stop admiring the scenery.

Sexy security professional Andrew Copeland is no stranger to women, but he knows Ella is something different. Determined to get her to let him in, Andy does the one thing he can think of to get close: he offers her hands-on training in self-defense-and before long, all that skin on skin contact with have them both turning inside out.
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: Related to Laid Bare and Coming Undone

Ames: I love love love Lauren Dane and she’s an auto-buy author for me. It’s all good.

Monroe: Ames got me on this author so of course I'll get this one! ;P

Wolfsbane by Patricia Briggs
published by Berkley
Shapeshifting mercenary Aralorn leads a dangerous existence. Now she must return home for her noble father, the Lyon of Lambshold, has passed away. But when Aralorn and her companion Wolf arrive, they find he's not dead, but ensorcelled by the ae'Magi, using him as a conduit to destroy Aralorn and Wolf. She must overcome this mysterious mist or fall to the blackest of magic.
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Sequel to Masques

Ames: It’s Patricia Briggs. ‘Nuff said.

Nath: It's on my TBB list as well, just because Ms Briggs is the author. I haven't enjoyed her fantasy as much as her urban fantasy books, but I'm not giving up.

Monroe: I ditto Ames comment! lol

His Sinful Secret by Emma Wildes
published by Signet Eclipse
Betrothed to one brother, then married to another, Julianne Sutton finds herself a pawn in an unknown game. The enigmatic new Marquess of Longhaven knows all about the art of deception but he's baffled by innocence. His new wife is trusting, lovely, and utterly bewitching. Imagine his surprise when he discovers that she has secrets of her own. As he battles a ruthless enemy, he quickly learns that love has an entirely different set of rules.
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Notorious Bachelors, Book #3

Ames: I really enjoyed the 2nd book (review pending at Book Binge) so I can’t wait to read the last book in this trilogy. Emma is definitely one of my favorite historical writers.

Nath: Really looking forward to this book. I like the premise and I'm looking forward for Julianne to turn the world of Longhaven upside down :P

Play of Passion by Nalini Singh
published by Berkley
In his position as Tracker for the SnowDancer pack, Drew Kincaid must rein in rogue changelings who've lost control of their animal halves- even if it means killing those who've gone too far. But nothing in his life has prepared him for the battle he must now wage-to win the heart of a woman who makes his body ignite...and who threatens to enslave his wolf.
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Psy/Changeling, Book #9

Ames: I am a few books behind in this series BUT Nalini is an auto-buy author for me, so I’m getting this. Woot.

Nath: Indigo and Drew!!! Woohoo. I'm really looking forward for this book, not only because Ms Singh is the author or the Psy-Changelings series is one of the best series out there, but for the characters!! :) I love the changelings of this series.

Monroe: THIS SERIES ROCKS!!!! I melt over each book as I read them so this book will be bought ASAP!

The Virgin Widow by Anne O’Brien
published by New American Library
Anne Neville, daughter of the powerful Earl of Warwick, grows up during the War of the Roses, a time when kings and queens are made and destroyed in an on-going battle for the ultimate prize: the throne of England. As a child Anne falls in love with the ambitious, proud Richard of Gloucester, third son of the House of York. But when her father is branded a traitor, her family must flee to exile in France. As Anne matures into a beautiful, poised woman, skillfully navigating the treacherous royal court of Margaret of Anjou, she secretly longs for Richard, who has become a great man under his brother's rule. But as their families scheme for power, Anne must protect her heart from betrayals on both sides-and from the man she has always loved, and cannot bring herself to trust.
Genre: Historical Fiction
Series: n/a

Ames: Holy shit this book sounds awesome.

Monroe: : Ooooo it does sound good! Must get my paws on this one!

Pegasus by Robin McKinley
published by Penguin
Because of a thousand-year-old alliance between humans and pagasi, Princess Sylviianel is ceremonially bound to Ebon, her own Pegasus, on her twelfth birthday. The two species coexist peacefully, despite the language barriers separating them. Humans and pegasi both rely on specially-trained Speaker magicians as the only means of real communication.
But its different for Sylvi and Ebon. They can understand each other. They quickly grow close-so close that their bond becomes a threat to the status quo-and possibly to the future safety of their two nations.
Genre: Young Adult
Series: n/a

Ames: I’ve seen this around blogland and I’m curious.

Nath: Hmmmm, sounds pretty interesting :) I really like the fact that YA authors are exploring every possible fantasy creature possible.

Indulgence in Death by J.D. Robb
published by Putnam
First it was a limo driver shot through the neck with a crossbow. Then it was a high-priced escort found stabbed through the heart with a bayonet.

Random hits, thrill kills, murderers with a taste for the finer things in life-and death-are making NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas angry. And an angry Eve can be just as an efficient and dangerous predator as the killer.

As time runs out on another innocent victim's life, Eve's investigation will take her into the rarefied circle that her husband, Roarke, travels in-and into the perverted heart of madness...
Genre: Futuristic, romantic suspense
Series: In Death series, Book #38

Nath: One of the greatest series out there in my opinion. I just love the dynamics of the characters and the cases and of course, Eve and Roarke. The last few installments have been so-so, but reviews for this one have been pretty encouraging so far :P In any case, I learned my lesson a long time ago and I can't just stop this series :P

Deadly Intent by Kylie Brant
published by Berkley
Forensic linguist Macy Reid is an expert on kidnapping, having been abducted when she was a child. So, she is the perfect investigator to be called in when a Denver tycoon's eleven-year-old daughter is abducted-for the second time. But Macy's biggest stumbling block may be a member of her own team: Kellan Burke, the wise-cracking, rule- breaking investigator who relishes getting under Macy's skin-and who just may be the man to help her confront the demons from her past.
Genre: romantic suspense
Series: Mindhunters, Book #4

Nath: I've been meaning to try this author for a while already. I actually even have her debut author in my TBR pile, but haven't picked it up yet. This one though just sounds good :P

Somewhere Along the Way by Jodi Thomas
published by Berkley
Ever since she claimed Harmony, Texas, as her home, eighteen-year-old Reagan Truman finds herself drawn to other who have made their way here. Shaped by the loneliness she's known most of her life, Reagan has finally found a place she belongs-and doesn't want anything to get in her way. But when her life is put in jeopardy and the whole town comes together to save her, she'll discover that learning to trust the love that's come into our hearts is the greatest gift of all.
Genre: contemporary romance
Series: Harmony, Book #2

Nath: I love, love, LOVE Ms Thomas' contemporary romance books :)

November 3

Broken Kingdoms by NK Jemisin
published by Orbit
In the city of Shadow, beneath the World Tree, alleyways shimmer with magic and godlings live hidden among mortalkind. Oree Shoth, a blind artist, takes in a strange homeless man on an impulse. This act of kindness engulfs Oree in a nightmarish conspiracy. Someone, somehow, is murdering godlings, leaving their desecrated bodies all over the city. And Oree's guest is at the heart of it. . .
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Inheritance Trilogy, Book #2

Ames: I’ve heard good things for Hundred Thousand Kingdoms so I’m intrigued to see how this one will measure up.

Nath: Oh, I'm always on the look-out for fantasy series... This sounds pretty interesting and I have a weakness for blind characters... Guess I'm going to research this series a little bit more in depth :)

November 9

Best Laid Plans by Sarah Mayberry
published by Harlequin
Boundaries. The key to how corporate lawyer Alexandra Knight manages her busy life. However, lately all her precisely drawn lines are getting blurred. Blame it on her out-of-control biological clock that is ignoring her single status…and on Ethan Stone.

Because her sexy, no-strings colleague has posed an outrageous solution to her dilemma: he''ll be her baby daddy. This from the guy who avoids all commitment? Okay, so they're attracted to each other. Really, really attracted. But crossing the line from coworker to co-parent with Ethan could ruin Alex for all other men. After all, when you've had the best…
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: n/a

Ames: It shows you how much I love Sarah Mayberry when I would read something about a woman with an out of control biological clock (of which there’s nothing I hate more – says the girl who’s biological clock manifests itself with a puppy instead of a baby). But still, it’s SM and I really enjoy her writing and I can’t wait!

Nath: Sigh, whenever Ms Mayberry has a release out, I have a difficult decision to make ^_^; While I've enjoyed some of her books, I don't love her like so many do... So I always hesitate. I actually wasn't going to get this one, but I might be swayed by a review at Dear Author...

November 30

Not That Kind of Girl by Susan Donovan
published by St. Martin’s Press
Roxanne Bloom is through with love. Fresh on the heels of a bad break-up, she's decided to devote all her time to her man-slamming website-and her man-hating dog, Lilith. But this pit-bull-Boxer is so good at unleashing her fury (and her owner's) that the male victims keep piling up.and now it's time to get some sensitivity training. Enter Eli Gallagher, one of the best-and hottest-canine experts in town.

The more Eli gets to know Roxie, the more he senses that she's been hurt by men in the past-just like her dog. With a little gentle prodding, and a whole lot of patience, Eli hopes to gain Roxie's trust and soothe her broken heart. Eli can see that Roxie's bark is way worse than her bite. But she's not putting her guard down just yet-even if she is falling deeply, madly,doggedly in love with him...
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: San Francisco Dog-Walkers series, Book #3

Ames: I really enjoy Susan’s writing and with this series she’s focused on dog owners. Happy dance and of course I’ll buy it. :P

Nath: I've enjoyed Ms Donovan books in the past, but there's just something about this series that isn't working for me. I still have the first two books in my TBR pile and have no envy to pick them up, sigh. I guess I'm going to pass over this till I actually read the other two.

Monroe: Im actually reading the second book in this series now!!! I LOVE Susan Donovan and I eat each one of her books up! Oh and I too love books about animals!

Dukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the Right by Kieran Kramer
published by St. Martin’s Press
Most women would not be pleased to be labeled a spinster. But Lady Poppy Smith-Barnes isn't most women. In fact, Poppy has invented an imaginary fiancé, the Duke of Drummond, to deter unwanted suitors. A very useful fellow, this duke, until the real Drummond turns up and uses Poppy's ploy to trap her in a betrothal.

A good spy flies below the radar. Which is why being named one of the Prince Regent's "Impossible Bachelors" is so inconvenient for Nicholas Staunton. Every society female will be out to ensnare him. Nicholas needs a fiancée-and Poppy's ruse is the answer. How could he have known she'd be a brazen, sensual siren with an irresistible taste for adventure? Now nothing less will do than to convince his fiery Poppy to revoke her spinster status, for good.
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Impossible Bachelors, Book #2

Ames: Ok, the only way I’ll buy this book is if I enjoy the first one. So I’m tentatively looking forward to this book. Especially when there’s a hot spinster. I love hot spinsters.

Nath: Agree with you Ames! However, these books sound so good! I really am looking forwards to them with high hopes :P

Thieves Like Us by Starr Ambrose 
published by Simon & Schuster
Her ex stole the jewels, but this bad boy just stole her heart...

After ditching the ruthless Banner Westfield, aka "the world's worst husband," sexy and fiercely guarded Janet Aims thinks the least she deserves for surviving attempted murder is a chance to cash in on her losses. Step one is hocking the wedding ring and ridiculously tacky necklace given to her by her conniving ex.

But just when Janet thinks she's buried the past, the police claim that the necklace is part of the stolen Pellinni Jewel collection. Which means that even prison can't stop Banner from dumping her smack in the middle of his evil schemes again.

With Colombian gangsters and jewel thieves hot on her trail, Janet has no choice but to turn to smoldering ex-con Rocky Hernandez, the one man who can make her fragile heart pound. Partnering up with a certified hottie who knows the ins and outs of Detroit's seedy underbelly as well as he does a woman's body might have its perks if Janet's life-and her heart-weren't on the line...
Genre: contemporary romance
Series: none

Nath: I read Ms Ambrose debut novel, Lie to Me, and quite enjoyed it. Her second book is still sitting in my TBR pile, probably because the story's premise is about a political scandal background which is something I'm not fond of. However, I love jewel thief/cat bugler theme and have a feeling that once I buy this book, I'll be reading it very soon :P

Friday, October 1

October New Releases

We've been pretty quiet in the last month, oups! LOL. Hopefully, we'll get back on the horse this month :P

So beginning of the month, let see what books we're looking forward to :P Some very interesting ones :P What about you? What books are you looking forward to?

October 1

Not Just the Nanny by Christie Ridgway
published by Silhouette
She'd been nanny to his children forever— and she'd been in love with him for almost as long. But Kayla James had always managed to keep her relationship with Mick Hanson strictly professional. And now that his kids were older, she had a choice—stay, and fess up... or get out of the line of fire.

Firefighter Mick Hanson had enough responsibility. A working single dad, he didn't need another complication—but then he saw Kayla in a different light. Until now, he'd managed to look at her as nothing more than "the nanny." Now he wasn't sure he could resist the attraction that was too hot to extinguish...
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: n/a

Ames: I like Christie Ridgway and I admit, I have a soft spot for nannies and governesses. :P

Monroe: I LOVE Christie Ridgway so Ill have to check this one out ASAP!

A Season of Seduction by Jennifer Haymore
published by Grand Central Publishing
Although the widowed Lady Rebecca has sworn off marriage, men are another matter. London's cold winter nights have her dreaming of warmer pursuits-like finding a lover to satisfy her hungry heart. Someone handsome, discreet, and most importantly as uninterested in marriage as she is. Someone like Jack Fulton.

A known adventurer and playboy, Jack seems like the perfect choice. There's just one problem: Jack isn't interested in an affair. He needs the beautiful, mysterious Lady Rebecca to be his wife. And he doesn't have much time to persuade her. A secret from Jack's past is about to surface, and by Christmas Day he'll be either married to Rebecca or dead.
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: n/a

Ames: I've never read Jennifer Haymore but have heard good things about her. And I'm pretty easy that way so I'll be checking this one out. LOL

Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis
published by Grand Central Publishing
Maddie Moore's whole life needs a makeover.

In one fell swoop, Maddie loses her boyfriend (her decision) and her job (so not her decision). But rather than drowning her sorrows in bags of potato chips, Maddie leaves L.A. to claim the inheritance left by her free-spirited mother-a ramshackle inn nestled in the little coastal town of Lucky Harbor, Washington.

Starting over won't be easy. Yet Maddie sees the potential for a new home and a new career-if only she can convince her two half-sisters to join her in the adventure. But convincing Tara and Chloe will be difficult because the inn needs a big makeover too.

The contractor Maddie hires is a tall, dark-haired hottie whose eyes-and mouth-are making it hard for her to remember that she's sworn off men. Even harder will be Maddie's struggles to overcome the past, though she's about to discover that there's no better place to call home than Lucky Harbor.
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Lucky Harbor, Book #1

Ames: It's Jill Shalvis. Auto-buy!!

Nath: At first, I had reservation about this book, Ms Shalvis being hit and miss for me; however, after reading Holly's review, I'm going to take my chances :) I mean, it does sound like a contemporary romance that I would enjoy :)

Monroe: lol Ames I thought the EXACT SAME THING!!!! Jill is an auto buy for me...this woman SERIOUSLY ROCKS!

October 5

Four Play by Maya Banks and Shayla Black
published by Penguin
In Pillow Talk by Maya Banks, Zoe is a woman in a committed relationship with her boyfriend Chase. Then one night, Chase reveals his number-one fantasy, which involves his two best buddies. Is Zoe game? She sure is, because it opens the door for a secret fantasy all her own. In Shayla Black's Her Fantasy Men, a girly-girl named Kelsey plays football, craves action movies, and loves knocking back a cold beer with her three best friends-all male. Yet she's never seemed sexually interested in any one of these hot guys. So what does Kelsey want? A fantasy come true for all four of them.
Genre: Erotica
Series: n/a

Ames: I like Maya Banks and I like this cover.

Monroe: Ok Ames...we have one mind...LOVE the cover and HELLO its Maya Banks so Ill be getting this one right away!

Selfish is the Heart by Megan Hart
published by Penguin
To escape an arranged marriage, Annalise Marony decides to become a Handmaiden of the Order of Solace. But she is thwarted at every turn by Cassian, a teacher of the faith, who must test her dedication. Older than most of the girls, Annalise knows that she will be expected to please a patron in pleasures of the flesh-and she is not shy about teasing Cassian. And as they both play out the game of master and student, the secrets in their souls will either tear them apart-or bind them together forever.
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Series: Order of Solace, Book #3

Ames: I read the first anthology in this series and really enjoyed it. Also Megan Hart is an auto-buy author.

Monroe: I really love Megan Hart... She always puts SO MUCH into her books! I'll def check this one out... although this gals back is NOT cute =/ (Im a back girl ;p)

Her and Me and You by Lauren Strasnick
published by Simon & Schuster
I met Fred first.

Fred: Hot. Enigmatic. Alex’s first friend in her lonely new town. Maybe her first... everything.

I met Adina the following Monday.

Adina: Fred’s twin sister. Cold. Troubled. Trouble.

I kissed him.

She pressed her mouth to my mouth.

People warn Alex to steer clear of the twins, but Alex is drawn to them. She wants to be part of their crazy world…no matter the consequences.
Genre: Young Adult
Series: n/a

Ames: I have been reading young adult quite a bit this year and I want to check this book out. It sounds intriguing.

The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook
published by Berkley
After the Iron Duke freed England from Horde control, he instantly became a national hero. Now Rhys Trahaearn has built a merchant empire on the power-and fear-of his name. And when a dead body is dropped from an airship onto his doorstep, bringing Detective Inspector Mina Wentworth into his dangerous world, he intends to make her his next possession.

But when Mina uncovers the victim's identity, she stumbles upon a conspiracy that threatens the lives of everyone in England. To save them, Mina and Rhys must race across zombie-infested wastelands and treacherous oceans-and Mina discovers the danger is not only to her countrymen, as she finds herself tempted to give up everything to the Iron Duke.
Genre: Steampunk
Series: Iron Seas, Book #2

Ames: It's Meljean. Need I say more?

Nath: This is the new release that I want in October LOL. I love Meljean Brook's writing and world building and am so excited that she has a new series out! Plus, it's steampunk romance! Plus, it sounds so good! LOL.

Our Wicked Mistake by Emma Wildes
published by New American Library
When blackmail turns to murder, Madeline May turns to the notorious Viscount Altea, a man used to dealing with men of ill repute, and a man she despises with every fiber of her being.

From the very moment of their first meeting-and one unforgettable night of passion-Luke Daudet knew she was different. And when he received her fateful entreaty, he knew he would not be able to stay away...
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Notorious Bachelors, Book #2

Ames: I read and reviewed the first book in this series. I really enjoyed it!

Nath: There is something about Ms Wildes writing that sets her books apart from other historicals. I don't know exactly that it is, but it makes her books easy to read and easy to enjoy :) Definitively getting this book as well :)

October 12

Passion Play by Beth Bernobich
published by Tor
Ilse Zhalina is the daughter of one of Melnek’s more prominent merchants. She has lived most of her life surrounded by the trappings of wealth and privilege. Many would consider hers a happy lot. But there are dark secrets, especially in the best of families. Ilse has learned that for a young woman of her beauty and social station, to be passive and silent is the best way to survive.

When Ilse finally meets the older man she is to marry, she realizes he is far crueler and more deadly than her father could ever be. Ilse chooses to run. This choice will change her life forever.

And it will lead her to Raul Kosenmark, master of one of the land’s most notorious pleasure houses…and who is, as Ilse discovers, a puppetmaster of a different sort altogether. Ilse discovers a world where every pleasure has a price and there are levels of magic and intrigue she once thought unimaginable. She also finds the other half of her heart.
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Erythandra, Book #1

Nath: I love, love, love this cover. It is so pretty!!! This book was first brought to my attention by Li in this post. Then, KMont kind of wrote this review which led to some sort of discussion. Now, I'm pretty curious about it, especially since it's published by Tor. The only downside is that it's a hardcover :(

Monroe: Pretty cover!

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
published by Hyperion
After saving Olympus from the evil Titan lord, Kronos, Percy and friends have rebuilt their beloved Camp Half-Blood, where the next generation of demigods must now prepare for a chilling prophecy of their own:

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,
To storm or fire the world must fall.
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.
Genre: Young Adult, fantasy
Series: The Heroes of Olympus, Book #1

Nath: This is a spin-off of Mr Riordan popular series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which I really enjoyed. I'm definitively going to give this a try and hope that it will be as good and as fun :)

October 15

Ten Ways to be Adored When Landing a Lord by Sarah Maclean
published by HarperCollins
"Lord Nicholas is a paragon of manhood. And his eyes, Dear Reader! So blue!”
Pearls & Pelisses, June 1823

Since being named on of London’s "Lords to Land" by a popular ladies’ magazine, Nicholas St. John has been relentlessly pursued by every matrimony-minded female in the ton. So when an opportunity to escape fashionable society presents itself, he eagerly jumps—only to land in the path of the most determined, damnably delicious woman he’s ever met!

The daughter of a titled wastrel, Lady Isabel Townsend has too many secrets and too little money. Though used to taking care of herself quite handily, her father’s recent passing has left Isabel at sea and in need of outside help to protect her young brother’s birthright. The sinfully handsome, eminently eligible Lord Nicholas could be the very salvation she seeks.

But the lady must be wary and not do anything reckless... like falling madly, passionately in love.
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Ralston, Book #2

Ames: I read and enjoyed Nine Rules to Break when Romancing a Rake :P

Nath: I too enjoyed the first book in the series. While the blurb sounds so-so, I'm intrigued by the hero, Nicholas St. John :P

October 19

The Trap by Indigo Wren
published by Samhain
There’s no escaping the man at the heart of his memories.

Three years ago, David and his college roommate, Ethan, were on the brink of unimaginable success, ready to revolutionize an industry and reap billions. Then David accidentally revealed the attraction he’d never wanted to feel, and certainly never meant Ethan to see. Mortified, he ran from everything that mattered—the fledgling company he’d helped to build, the bright future he’d worked to secure, and the man he couldn’t let himself want.

Now he’s built a new life for himself. So what if it’s not the one he hoped for? He’s learned to look only forward, and not to envy the success Ethan achieved without him. He’s even learned to cope with the nightmares. The panic attacks. The failed relationships with women.

When an opportunity arises to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime getaway to a private island resort, David never suspects a trap is about to be sprung. One where he’ll be forced to face the truths from which he’s been hiding—and the man from whom he’s never stopped running.
Genre: M/M Romance
Series: n/a

Ames: This one sounds interesting. :P And I love second-chance stories.

October 26

Trust Me on This by Jennifer Crusie
published by Randomhouse
Reporter Dennie Banks will do anything to get her story, even pull out all the stops to convince Alec Prentice to help her, in a fast-paced romantic comedy that proves everyone is guilty of something — especially love.
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Ames: I believe this is a re-print of an earlier JC novel and I like the cover. Dogs always get me!

Nath: Ames, it is indeed a re-print of one of her earlier books. Apparently, this one is pretty hilarious and I'm glad they are re-releasing it! :)

Monroe: All her book covers are SO CUTE now...they all have pretty little pups on them! Jennifer Crusie is THE BEST...she got me into reading so of course shes an auto buy!

Crown of the Crystal Flame by C.L. Wilson
published by HarperCollins
Elvish Seers had long foreseen an extraordinary destiny for Ellysetta Baristani. Already, she had won the heart of the Fey King, saved the offspring of the magical tairen, and fought beside her mate against the threatening evil of Eld.. But the most powerful -- and dangerous -- Verse of her Song had yet to be sung. As a cataclysmic battle draws nigh and evil tightens its grip upon her soul, will Ellysetta secure the world for Light or plunge it into Darkness for all eternity?
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Series: Tairen Soul #5

Ames: I read the first three books in this series and OMG I LOVED THEM. I've been holding off reading the 4th one so I wouldn't have to wait forever to read the conclusion. I hate the covers for these books. If they were re-done, I really think this author would reach a larger audience with her fantastical world-building and wonderful characters. Fo sho.

Side Jobs by Jim Butcher
published by New American Library (ROC)
Here, together for the first time, are the shorter works of #1 New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher-a compendium of cases that Harry and his cadre of allies managed to close in record time. The tales range from the deadly serious to the absurdly hilarious. Also included is a new, never-before-published novella that takes place after the cliff-hanger ending of the new April 2010 hardcover, Changes. This is a must-have collection for every devoted Harry Dresden fan as well as a perfect introduction for readers ready to meet Chicago's only professional wizard.
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Dresden Files

Nath: I'm a huge fan of the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher and I think it's an awesome idea that the publisher compiled the novellas into one book. Especially looking forward to that novella taking place after Changes!

Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas
published by St. Martin's Press

One rain-slicked night, six-year-old Holly lost the only parent she knew, her beloved mother Victoria. And since that night, she has never again spoken a word.


The last thing Mark Nolan needs is a six-year-old girl in his life. But he soon realizes that he will do everything he can to make her life whole again. His sister's will gives him the instructions: There's no other choice but you. Just start by loving her. The rest will follow.


Maggie Collins doesn't dare believe in love again, after losing her husband of one year. But she does believe in the magic of imagination. As the owner of a toy shop, she lives what she loves. And when she meets Holly Nolan, she sees a little girl in desperate need of a little magic.


Three lonely people. Three lives at the crossroads. Three people who are about to discover that Christmas is the time of year when anything is possible, and when wishes have a way of finding the path home.
Genre: contemporary romance/women fiction
Series: Friday Harbor, Book #1

Nath: Hmmm, tell you the truth, I'm still undecided about this one. I've only read one of Ms Kleypas' contemporary release and it hasn't wowed me... I might wait for reviews or a library copy :)

Ames: I'm interested in this one, but for sure getting it from the library.

Monroe: I've been WAITING for a new contemp from this lady... I'll knock people down in line ot get to this book! lol (I'm shamed to say I dont even know where our library is here where I live lol)

A Christmas Waltz by Jane Goodger
published by Kensington
To Lady Amelia Wellesley, it seems utterly romantic to surprise her dashing fiancé at his home in Texas so the two can marry by Christmas. But Amelia's surprise goes awry when Carson Kitteridge calls off their wedding as soon as she arrives, leaving Amelia in disgrace.

With nowhere to turn, Amelia finds an unlikely savior in Carson's brother, Dr. Boone Kitteridge. Boone offers to marry Amelia, sparing her the shame of returning to England unwed. But Boone isn't just protecting Amelia's honor; secretly, he finds her irresistible, and the thought of indulging his desire for her is too tempting to ignore. As Boone and Amelia forge a fragile bond, something goes terribly wrong - and it will take nothing less than a Christmas miracle for Amelia to discover who she is destined to love.
Genre: Historical romance
Series: Christmas series, Book #3

Nath: I really enjoyed the books I've read by Ms Goodger... there is just something about them. The most surprising is that they usually take place in a time period that I'm not a fan of, but with her writing, it works :)

Wednesday, September 1

September New Releases

Another month, another slew of new releases to look forward to. Luckily for me and my wallet, there aren't too many books I'm eyeballing. Which leaves room to buy up all the books from August I haven't been able to buy yet. LOL

September 1

Spy Glass by Maria Snyder
published by Harlequin
After siphoning her own blood magic in the showdown at Hubal, Opal Cowan has lost her powers. She can no longer create glass magic. More, she's immune to the effects of magic. Opal is now an outsider looking in, spying through the glass on those with the powers she once had, powers that make a difference in the world.

Until spying through the glass becomes her new power. Suddenly, the beautiful pieces she makes flash in the presence of magic. And then she discovers that someone has st olen some of her blood—and that finding it might let her regain her powers. Or learn if they're lost forever...
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Opal Crown trilogy, Book #3

Nath: I love Ms Snyder's writing and really, really, really enjoyed Poison Study and Magic Study . While this trilogy isn't holding my interest as much as the Study trilogy, I'm still getting it because it's Maria V. Snyder :P I'm hoping there'll be a lot of Yelena and Valek :P

Ames: I still haven't read the first book in this series but it's Maria Snyder, so I know it's all good. :P

Last to Die by Kate Brady
published by Grand Central Publishing
A ruthless killer hides in plain sight, someone no one believes is capable of murder. Within a week, six women will be murdered, all punished for their dark pasts. Detective Dani Cole is determined to track down this serial killer whose victims include a young woman she pulled out of a life of crime. Her investigation leads her to a photography foundation and the renowned photographer Mitch Sheridan, a man she she fell in love with years ago but has tried to forget. Dani and Mitch are instantly attracted to each other again, though their troubled pasts keep them from getting too close. Together, through the course of the investigation, they unearth a dark chain of deception that leads to a killer who is closer than they think.
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: The Sheridans, Book #2

Nath: I've been in the mood for romantic suspense lately and Last to Die seems to fit the bill perfectly. Interesting blurb and also, it's a Grand Central Publishing book, same publisher as Karen Rose. Last but not least, I've just read Ms Brady debut novel, One Scream Away, and think there's a lot of potential :D

Hot Island Nights by Sarah Mayberry
published by Harlequin
Elizabeth Morgan didn't intend to abandon her very proper life. But that's the best way to find her true—and less proper—self. So here she is in Australia, standing in front of a man who's clad only in a towel. Nathan Jones is so tempting he could be the ideal candidate to help this good girl be very bad!

Sure enough, thanks to Nathan's talented hands, Elizabeth is living all her sensual fantasies. And while the sex is great, something more is developing. She trusts him, and wants to share her secrets with him, and... Suddenly this feels more like a real relationship than some fun in the sun. Luckily, there's a cure for too much commitment—more wickedness!
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: n/a

Ames: Sarah Mayberry is an auto-buy author for me.

Monroe: I have been reading more and more Harlequin so this one is going down on my list FO SHO! ;)

Nath: I think I'm going to wait for reviews for this one. I'm not in luv with Ms Mayberry as everyone else, so I'll wait and see :P

Blameless by Gail Carriger
published by Orbit
Quitting her husband's house and moving back in with her horrible family, Lady Maccon becomes the scandal of the London season. Queen Victoria dismisses her from the Shadow Council, and the only person who can explain anything, Lord Akeldama, unexpectedly leaves town. To top it all off, Alexia is attacked by homicidal mechanical ladybugs, indicating, as only ladybugs can, the fact that all of London's vampires are now very much interested in seeing Alexia quite thoroughly dead. While Lord Maccon elects to get progressively more inebriated and Professor Lyall desperately tries to hold the Woolsey werewolf pack together, Alexia flees England for Italy in search of the mysterious Templars. Only they know enough about the preternatural to explain her increasingly inconvenient condition, but they may be worse than the vampires -- and they're armed with pesto.
Genre: Steampunk fantasy
Series: Alexia Tarabotti series, Book #3

Nath: I read and enjoyed Soulless, the first book in the series and was going to jump into Changeless... until I read the end. There's a huge cliff-hanger at the end of Changeless and thus, I wanted to wait till Blameless was out... so the cliff-hanger wouldn't drive me crazy. People who wants something different should take a look at this series... it's a mix of steampunk, urban fantasy and historical :P Pretty interesting and different.

Mob Rules by Cameron Haley
published by Harlequin
I'm Domino Riley, an enforcer for Shanar Rashan.

Like most mob bosses in L.A., he's a powerful sorcerer, battling for control of the city, gathering up the magic of violent and powerful emotions and storing it for his own use. Back in the day, Rashan saved me from the streets and made me his lieutenant. You could say I'm his go-to girl.

When a fellow gangster is ritually executed, I have to find out which of Rashan's enemies was behind it - and why. The cryptic messages I'm getting from the Beyond tell me it wasn't a simple hit.

With the bodies piling up, I need to win an occult gang war, take out the supernatural traitor within our outfit and, oh yeah, deal with the mixed messages I'm getting from the boss's son..

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Series: Underworld Cycle series, Book #1

Nath: I've been in the mood for books with magic and this one caught my eyes. There's magic and I like the mob setting. I might wait for reviews though, but I'm keeping my eyes out :P

September 7

My Lord Scandal by Emma Wildes
published by New American Library
Alexander St. James may be a thief of hearts, but he is no burglar. Nevertheless, he must recover and item belonging to his family to avoid a scandal, and so he has stolen into the home of Lord Hathaway, only to come upon the beguiling and chaste Lady Amelia in her bedroom, wearing little but a look of surprise. Alexander leaves Amelia breathless-but is it from fear or excitement? Captivated by her beauty and charmed by her intellect, he ignores the scandalous whispers as he sets out to seduce the woman of his dreams...
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Notorious Bachelors #1

Ames: I love Emma's writing! I'm looking forward to her new series. :P

Nath: I really enjoyed Lessons from a Scarlet Lady and am looking forward to read more by Ms Wildes :)

The Grimrose Path by Rob Thurman
published by New American Library
Bar owner Triva Iktomi knows that inhuman creatures of light and darkness roam Las Vegas-especially since she's a bit more than human herself. She's just been approached with an unusual proposition. Something has slaughtered almost one thousand demons in six months. And the killing isn't going to stop unless Trixa and her friends step into the fight...
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Trickster, Book #2

Nath: If you're a regular here at Breezing Through, you know that I'm a fan of Ms Thurman. This is her other series and while I didn't enjoy the first book, Trick of the Light, as much as the Cal Leandros series, the series has definite potential and I want to see where it's going :)

The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks
published by Berkley
It's been a year since ex-Navy SEAL Ethan Kelly saw his wife Rachel alive. Now he's received an anonymous phone call claiming Rachel is alive. To find her, Ethan will have to doge bullets, cross a jungle, and risk falling captive to a deadly drug cartel that threatens his own demise.
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: KGI, Book #1

Ames: Maya used to be an auto-buy author for me. Her last few releases, I haven't bought yet as I'm not caught up on that series. But this is a new series and it's not erotica, so I'm going to check it out.

Monroe: Id try this one out...I have only read like one MB book but it did leave me wanting more!

Nath: Hmmm, I have to admit I'm curious about this release. I know that Ames and Monroe love this author and I've never really had the opportunity to try her. So perhaps this one...

No Mercy by Sherrilyn Kenyon
published by St. Martin's Press
Live fast, fight hard and if you have to die then take as many of your enemies with you as you can. That is the Amazon credo and it was one Samia lived and died by. Now in contemporary New Orleans, the immortal Amazon warrior is about to learn that there's a worse evil coming to slaughter mankind than she's ever faced before.

Shapeshifter Dev Peltier has stood guard at the front of Sanctuary for almost two hundred years and in that time, he's seen it all. Or so he thought. Now their enemies have discovered a new source of power- one that makes a mockery of anything faced to date.

The war is on and Dev and Sam are guarding ground zero. But in order to win, they will have to break the most cardinal of all rules and pray it doesn't unravel the universe as we know it.
Genre: Paranormal romance
Series: The Dark Hunters series, Book #27

Nath: There was a time, this was my favorite paranormal series... and then, I don't know what happened ^_^; I still have Acheron in my TBR pile and quite frankly, I don't know when I'll get to it... if I do. However, I always had a soft spot for the were-hunters, so you never know for No Mercy. Although I'm going to try to wait for the paperback release...

Monroe: I just finished the 9th book in this series and really enjoyed it. They are all still new to me so I KNOW I'll be getting this one! =)

September 21

A Hellion in Her Bed by Sabrina Jeffries
published by Simon and Schuster
Mired in scandal after his parents’ mysterious deaths, notorious gambler Lord Jarret Sharpe agrees to tamely run the family brewery for a year if his Machiavellian grandmother rescinds her ultimatum that he marry. But the gambler in him can’t resist when beguiling Annabel Lake proposes a wager. If she wins their card game, he must help save her family’s foundering brewery. But if he wins, she must spend a night in his bed. The outcome sets off a chain of events that threatens to destroy all his plans... and unveils the secret Annabel has held for so long. When Jarret discovers the darker reason behind her wager, he forces her into another one — and this time he intends to win not just her body, but her heart.
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Hellions of Halstead, Book #2

Nath: I really enjoy Ms Jeffries books and after reading the excerpt for this book, all I know is I must have it LOL.

Ames: I know Nath enjoyed the first book in this series, The Truth About Lord Stoneville, so I'm going by her say-so alone, as I haven't read it yet. LOL Does anyone else notice a pattern here?

Nath: Definitively, but I think it's a shared one :P

Prick and Pragmatism by JL Merrow
Published by Samhain
Easy come, easy go…until the heart gets involved.

English student and aspiring journalist Luke Corbin should be studying. Instead he’s facing homelessness, thanks to the lover who’s just kicking him out of their posh digs. It’s not his first rejection—his father tossed him out at age sixteen—but Luke has no problem trading his favors for a home and security. Especially with rich, powerful, handsome men.

Except now, with finals bearing down, there’s no time to be choosy. He needs a roof over his head and he needs it now. Even if it means settling temporarily for a geeky, less-than-well-off chemical engineer called Russell.

Luke’s fully prepared to put out for the guy—because after all, in this world no one gets something for nothing. But Russell isn’t just a nerd; he’s an honourable nerd who wants to save himself for someone special.

At first Luke is annoyed, but the more time he spends with Russell, the closer he comes to a devastating realization. He wants to be that someone special. Except he’s fallen for the one man he can’t seem to charm...
Genre: M/M Romance
Series: n/a

Ames: There's a nerd. I don't need to say anymore, because I love nerds. LOL

September 28

Venom by Jennifer Estep
published by Simon and Schuster
It’s hard to be a badass assassin when a giant is beating the crap out of you. Luckily, I never let pride get in the way of my work. My current mission is personal: annihilate Mab Monroe, the Fire elemental who murdered my family. Which means protecting my identity, even if I have to conceal my powerful Stone and Ice magic when I need it most. To the public, I’m Gin Blanco, owner of Ashland’s best barbecue joint. To my friends, I’m the Spider, retired assassin. I still do favors on the side. Like ridding a vampire friend of her oversized stalker—Mab’s right-hand goon who almost got me dead with his massive fists. At least irresistible Owen Grayson is on my side. The man knows too much about me, but I’ll take my chances. Then there’s Detective Bria Coolidge, one of Ashland’s finest. Until recently, I thought my baby sister was dead. She probably thinks the same about me. Little does she know, I’m a cold-blooded killer... who is about to save her life.
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Elemental Assassin, Book #3

Nath: I love, love this cover and the colors :D I'm really enjoying this series and looking forward to read Venom!! I'm really interested to see how the relationship between Gin and Owen will play out... and looking forward for Bria's appearance and how it will probably throw everything out of the loop :P

Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews
published by Berkley
Cerise Mar and her clan are cash poor but land rich, claiming a large swathe of the Mire, the Edge swamplands. When her parents vanish, her clan's long-time rivals are suspect. But all is not as it seems.

Two nations of the Weird are waging a cold war fought by feint and espionage, and their conflict is about to spill over into the Edge-and Cerise's life.
Genre: Fantasy
Series: The Edge, Book #2

Nath: Personally, I'm not sure how I feel about The Edge. Was it good? Yes. Did I love it? Not completely... still, I liked William who's going to be the hero of this book and I want to find out more about the world. So, will I get it? Of course :P

Ames: Nath sent me the first book in this series (and no, I haven't read it yet lol) so I'll wait to see what she thinks of this one...and maybe she'll send it to me? haha

Nath: LOL, I just might :)

Masques by Patrica Briggs (REPRINT)
published by Berkley
When the peaceful kingdom of Reth is overrun by Geofrrey ae'Magi, the evil master of illusion, Aralorn, weaponsmistress of the shapechanging race, and her companion, Wolf, attempt to overthrow him.
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Sianim

Ames: This is a reprint. I'm still interested in reading it!

Monroe: HECKS YA! I love P Briggs! this woman ROCKS! Cant wait!

Nath: Ms Briggs put her Alpha and Omega series on hiatus to re-write this book or write the sequel... Am I bitter? Yes ^_^; So I'm going to read this one just to see if it was worth putting Charles and Anna away for a year... Well actually, Ms Briggs is an awesome author, so it probably was ^_^;

Trial by Desire by Courtney Milan
published by Harlequin
Lady Kathleen Carhart has everything she could want: generous pin-money, a fulfilling life of charity, and a husband who lives six thousand miles away. But then her husband returns. Ned Carhart returned to help his best friend find his wife, who has disappeared. And now he’s inquiring into the carefully-guarded secrets Kate has kept. Ned is as determined to understand Kate as he is to discover the whereabouts of the missing woman. And that is the least convenient part of their marriage, as Kate is the one who stole her away in the first place.
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Book #2

Ames: After reading and enjoying the heck out of Courtney's first book, there's no doubt I'll be reading this one!

Monroe: Ditto on Ames comment! We all loved her other book so Im 100% getting this one! Oh and dude on this cover...Mmmm...I stalk him from cover to cover! lol

Nath: I'm going to wait for your reviews, ladies ;)

Double Cross by Carolyn Crane
pblished by Random House

Justine Jones lived her life as a fearful hypochondriac until she was lured into the web of a mysterious mastermind named Packard, who gifts her with extraordinary mental powers—dooming her to fight Midcity’s shadowy war on paranormal crime in order to find the peace she so desperately craves.

But now serial killers with unheard-of skills are terrorizing the most powerful beings in Midcity, including mastermind Packard and his oldest friend and worst enemy, Midcity’s new mayor, who has the ability to bend matter itself to his will.

As the body count grows, Justine faces a crisis of conscience as she tests the limits of her new powers and faces an impossible choice between two flawed but brilliant men—one on a journey of redemption, the other descending into a pit of moral depravity.
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Justine Jones, Book #2

Ames: Haven't read Mind Games yet (see? pattern I'm telling you!) but I'm still going to be getting this one. I know people enjoyed MG and I gotta support!

Nath: I haven't gotten to Mind Games yet either... but in my case, there's no pattern for :P However, seeting the cover of Double Cross reminds me I should get to MG! And of course, gotta support :P