Friday, February 22

Follow-up: Poll series no.1 - Psy/Changelings series

So our first Poll series is over!!! These 2 polls were related to the buddy review I did with Chantal on Mine to Possess by Nalini Singh... and the results were interesting.

First Poll: Favorite Psy/Changelings book in the series

So far the series have 4 books and a novella. Here were the results:

StS: 48%, VoH: 16%, CbI: 24%, ES: 0%, MtP: 0%, Not Finish Reading: 12%

The results were quite interesting. I wished I had kept track of the votes during the poll. So here is a summary: for the first few days, Slave to Sensation and Visions of Heat were tied... then, Slave to Sensation took the lead and it took quite a few days before Caressed by Ice received any vote!! Then, Caressed by Ice and Visions of Heat were tied and I think it's only yesterday or the day before that Caressed by Ice received more votes.

Personally, I was surprised at how well Visions of Heat did - but I'm biased, because among the three - StS, VoH and CbI, VoH was my least favorite. I thought something was missing in that book, a little bit of ooomph. What didn't surprise me is that StS won the poll. First book of a series is usually the strongest/favorite... because of its impact I guess.

Unfortunately, Enchanted Season and Mine to Possess didn't get any votes. It is understandable for Enchanted Season, after all, it's a novella... and the story was set in the past. So although it was a very good novella, it couldn't compare with full novels. I'm surprised nobody vote for Mine to Possess though... It wasn't my favorite, but it wasn't bad either. Actually, it got quite a lot of good reviews. Do you think it's because of Talin's character? I think that Talin was the weakness in MtP...

I'll definitively make another poll after Dorian's book. Dorian is a character we've seen throughout the series and he had larger parts than Clay and Vaughn (well except for their own novel). It'll be interesting to see if his book measures up and if there's any change in the poll.

Second Poll: Do You Think Kaleb is the Ghost?

Zeek asked who was the Ghost. I don't think I'm spoiling anything by saying that the Ghost is a Psy who is rebelling against the Council. If I'm correct, his goal is to stop Silence or at least rehabilitation to free the Psys and that means taking down the Council. He makes his first apparition in Caressed by Ice.

So far, his identity is unknown. All we know for sure is that he is Psy, has access to a lot of confidential information and is very loyal to the Psy. With the events in the last book, Mine to Possess, it seems to me that Kaleb might be the Ghost... however, what do others think?

Yes: 41.2%, No: 16.6%, Unsure: 41.2% (Total no. votes: 17)

Those who are certain of their opinon seem to lean towards yes, rather than no. I guess that most people, just like me, have been swayed by Mine to Possess; however, many are still unsure. I guess we'll soon find out. In a Q&A post at Book Binge, author Nalini Singh said that she would started dropping more clues in future books and that most readers will be able to guess his identity... So I guess we'll find out soon... if not, we can always wait for his book :D

So what do you think of the results in the polls? Are you surprise? Do you agree? Did you change your mind after seeing the results (Kaleb's poll)? Feel free to let us know :)

Poll series no.2 will soon be up. Either later this afternoon or tonight. The polls will be about heroes' physical appearances - what you like, dislike, etc. If you don't mind a little bit of extra work, could you send me (breezingthroughbooks @ gmail . com -without spaces) a little explanation of your vote? It doesn't have to be for all categories... Thanks!!

For eg: I don't like chest hair and I know I'm the exception. Unfortunately for me, it seems that all heroes have chest hair, ugh - however, not the male cover LOL :) However, I think this is an Asian thing... because not many Asian males have chest hair...


Katie(babs) said...

I have this mad crush on Kaleb ever since Mine To Possess. But I am not sure if he is the ghost. But, I think something is going on with him.
Slave to Sensation is my favorite book, perhaps because it started the whole series?

Chantal said...

Not sure if it just my screen, but the results images are rather blurry. Hard to read.

I voted for the first book. Even though I like the Hero of the second book best, the first book really called out to me. The Alpha pair make such a wonderful couple. Some of the best parts of all the books is when Lucas and Sascha appear.

I like Dorian, but Hawke is the one I want to learn more about. I have a crush on that Changeling

Zeek said...

I voted for CBI but I'm not surprised STS won. And although it would seem MTP is the weakest- when compared to other books it's STILL a good read. (In other words, it's just compared to the rest in the series that it might fall short.)

I need to go back and pick out the Ghost parts in MTP. For some reason it didnt make an impression on me. (I do remember skimming thru bits like I do in the lesser parts of Ward's book ::Blushing::- and that was probably it! Although in no way did I do as MUCH skimming!!!

I remember him in CBI, where at first I thought it might be Judd- but it's all vague from MTP.

Zeek said...

Oh and this whole post made me smile. Nath's student/job skills coming through!

nath said...

Katie - Something is definitively up with him... if he turns out to be the Ghost, then it'll be very interesting... otherwise, I'm not sure.

StS was a very good book, imo... but I've noticed that a lot of ppl usually favors the first book in a series. I guess it's because it started it all and it's the beginning, introduction... it's the one that has the most impact.

Chantal - No, it's not you or your screen. it's hard to read, but that's all I could do at work. I'll edit it when I go home.

I liked everything in StS... the story, the setting, the hero and the heroine... To me, none of the heroines in the other books, except for Tamsyn, has matched Sascha.

LOL and not only you for Dorian and Hawke :)

Zeek - I totally agree with you, Zeek. MtP seems the weakest of the series, but it's a very good read. The Ghost didn't appear as much in this book, only when they took down the lab... You know, Judd's contact... as for Kaleb, it's the events at the end that makes me think that he's the Ghost... calling Faith's father and the results of it.

and LOL, the post was inspired from Meljean's guest post at BB :P

Kris said...

I do not like chest hair either. I love a smooth chest. The only one that i was stuck on was the facial hair thing. I do not like facial hair for the most part, the exception is stubble or a goatee (my hubby has one). That five-o'clock shadow or morning stubble is sexy.

Rosie said...

Lovin' the polls. Kaleb seems likely as the Ghost, but you never know. Nalini Singh is a clever writer. When I read your post and the discussion it makes me want to go back and read all the books again to look specifically for Ghost clues.

Bridget Locke said...

I voted in your second poll. :)

Here are my thoughts:

Short hair 99.999% of the time is preferable. I think in reality I've only seen one guy with long hair who was hot. Usually men just look icky w/ long hair unless their of a certain ethnicity, then it can work just fine. :)

I hate chest hair, unless it's just a little bit (ie, that lovely little arrow pointing right to their goods). I have very, very hairy male relatives and the whole gorilla thing just doesn't do it for me. Ick!

Facial hair is okay, but I prefer smooth skin or the 5'o'clock shadow. Kissing someone w/ facial hair is just nasty.

Tall heroes are preferable to me, but again I'm 6'1", so that's probably why. :) I have a very hard time finding vertically challenged heroes hot. Most of the time it's attitude, because it's like they're making up for something & that just gets old.

Tattoos are hawt, unless they're all over the body. One of the hottest guys I've ever seen had a full back tattoo of a black panther. It was so sexy I wanted to pet him. :D

There ya go! Hope that answers your questions. :)

Zeek said...

I didn't vote on the facial hair one because, like someone else said, I like stubble or even a closely trimmed beard/goatee, though I'd prefer stubble I think- but 'staches are WAAAAY out!!! I guess over all I would prefer no facial hair if.

nath said...

Kris - I know, 5o'clock shadow is nice :) but I meant more like mustaches and beard :P

Rosie - For Kaleb, I guess we'll find out soon. It could go either way really, but for now, with the clues we have, I think he is.

Bridget - the height poll was a bit hard, because it's always depending on how tall you are. I mean, for sure, if I'm 6feet, I wouldn't want a hero under 6 feet... but it's nice that you precise how tall you are... and I agree with you on the hair. Very few pulls off the long hair. Most of the time, it just looks unkept and dirty.

Zeek - I should have precised it, but I meant more like mustaches and beard than stubble. i think we all find stubble quite sexy LOL :) so you can go vote now :)

Zeek said...