Monday, July 21

Lessons From a Courtesan by Jenna Petersen

Chantal: This is a new to me author. I read a great review for it at Book Binge, which is what prompted me to buy it. I was excited to hear from Ames that she had this in her TBR. It has been so long since the two of us have done a buddy review.
Keep in mind that this is not a review in the traditional sense. It's a discussion between friends.

Ames: And as such, it has spoilers.

Blackmailed into a marriage five years ago, and forced by their overbearing families to consummate that union so it could never be legally questioned, Victoria and Justin Talbot have been more than happy to live apart ever since, although neither one has quite forgotten the one night they shared.

But now Victoria has been forced to come to London in the disguise of London’s most talented and sought after courtesan. Invading Justin’s world, she is on a desperate search to find a missing friend and stay clear of her very angry, suddenly possessive husband. Only this time, one taste is not going to be enough for Justin. He is determined not only to uncover Victoria’s secrets, but to claim her, body and soul.

Chantal: What did you think of it? I loved it. It was the first Avon book I bought since I went off my protest. Okay, not really a protest, but I did stop buying anything from that publisher. Until now, that is.

Ames: I didn't like it. LOL

Chantal: *Gasp* Really? Tell me why you didn't like it.

Ames: It just didn't impress me. It was a "meh" read for me, not bad, just not my cuppa.

Ok, fair enough :-) Did you like the love scenes? I thought they bordered on erotica. Very hot. The carriage scene was my favourite. I always like lovin' in a carriage with historicals.

I didn't like the love scenes. I thought the prose bordered on purple. I just couldn't understand the bond between them. I mean, they're hot in the sack, but they do not trust each other at all, so where the heck did the love come from?

Chantal: And here I thought all that mushiness was romantic, lol. I can see how he fell for her. She was very strong willed in wanting to help her friend, and once each of their secrets was out in the open, the trust was there. But you're right, it did take a while for both of them to fully trust the other. Although, I think that if you don't trust someone, you can still love them. It's like those women (and men) who hire decoys to see if their husband/wife will cheat. If you have to go as far as to hire someone to test your mate, then you clearly don't trust him/her, but that doesn't mean you love them any less.

For me,
Lessons From a Courtesan was really good. It was nice to have a page turner in my hand. Sucky that you didn't love it though. Do you think you'll want to read more from this author?

Ames: You know, I think my problem stems from the fact that I read this author just after completing two Georgette Heyer novels. So of course there's going to be a comparison. Due to that fact, I think I will read something else by this author.
I don't think Victoria was strong willed. I mean, she did what she had to do because she was basically alone. Justin comes into the picture and she let's him kind of take over the investigation.
One thing I want to know - how the hell is Victoria going to be able to show her face in London again? I don't think changing hair colour is enough to disguise her looks. So when she is unveiled as Justin's wife - the men at least are going to know she was Ria because if she was the most hottest thing around, they're going to remember what she looks like.

Chantal: Gosh, I don't know. Thats a great question.

She did hand it all over to Justin, but I don't think she would have done it as easily if she had not have gotten the creepy vibes from whats-his-name. At that point she started to get scared, and I think was happy to hand it over to someone else. Someone with a lot more power than she had, who was able to conduct a real investigation.

Ames: Yeah, that wasn't working for me. LOL I just got annoyed too with the way these two were acting. Saying things to constantly hurt each other. And Victoria melting everytime Justin touched her? Nah, it just didn't work.

Chantal: This is the first time we have ever not had the same opinion here on Breezing Through. It's kinda refreshing in a weird sorta way. LOL

Ames: LOL Yeah it is. We should read a Colleen Gleason book next to keep it up. hehe

Chantal: *snort* If you want to pay me, then I'll attempt to read another CG book. So not my cuppa, LOL.


Zeek said...

Okay Chanty- I wanna know why you shut down your blog and won't buy from this publisher- are the two related?

C'mon, if you don't have anything nice to say ... come sit by me.

Chantal said...

No, not related at all.

I am back to buying from Avon, but I didn't for a long time because I was mad at them for a book that I read and HATED. It was filth.

I'm over that now. LOL :)

I shut down my blog for personal reasons.

ames said...

LOL Zeek!

Chantal - which book was it that turned you off?

Zeek said...

Gotchya. Yeah what book is it?

C2 said...

Filth? *ears perk* From Avon??

Inquiring minds... ;-)

I haven't tried this author and I'm not tempted, so far.

Rowena said...

Alright, my whole thing with her coming out AFTER as Justin's wife is simple...they were working on a case together and Ria was undercover. She didn't sleep with anyone so nobody can say that they did, all they ever said was they knew someone who did...but since she never did, it aint going to be that big of a deal. And plus, if anyone dares to say anything about her, Justin would beat their ass.

See? Simple.

LOL. How funny, I really really enjoyed this book and I'm glad that you did too, Chantal. ;)

Ames, I still love you sweetums!

Chantal said...

c2, that would be claiming the courtesan.

Ro, great job for an explanation, that makes sense.
And yeah, it's hard not to love Ames. She's a sweetheart!

ames said...

Wena - that soooo isn't going to fly!! LOL But good effort.

Just think about the petty attitudes of the haute monde as they are portrayed in the genre. Some nasty biddies wouldn't let "Ria" go and she'll haunt Victoria forevah!

ames said...

Oh yeah, Wena and Chantal - I love you ladies too. :P

CindyS said...

Okay, I'm with Chantal and the book CTC sooooo, crap. I don't know if I would like this book or not. *sniff*


Kate Diamond said...

I'm still on the fence about reading this, but oddly enough it makes me want to reread "The Duke," by Gaelen Foley. The heroine in that book really WAS a courtesan, and I liked her A LOT.

ames said...

Cindy-I can send you my copy. I don't want to keep it. LOL

Kate - I haven't read that one, but I like GF. And yes, I have it in my tbr pile. LOL