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Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill Myles

Our review today is a three-way with Ames, Monroe and myself.
I wanted to read this book because the premises reminded me of Georgina Kincaid (Succubus series by Richelle Mead).
Originally it was Ames and I doing the review, but then Ames told Monroe about a church confessional sex scene and, of course, that type of thing is too good to pass up, so Monroe sent her hubby out to buy the book so that she could read with us. Hehe.

As always, even though we call these posts here a Breezing Through 'reviews' they are not really reviews. They are email discussions between friends. So be warned that there will always be spoilers.

Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill Myles
The Succubus Diaries, Book 1.

Who knew an angel could get a girl in so much devilish trouble?

Jackie Brighton woke up in a dumpster this morning, and her day has only gotten weirder. Her breasts grew overnight, her sex drive is insatiable, and apparently she had her first one-night stand ever . . . with a fallen angel.

Of course, she only remembers gorgeous Noah’s enormous, er, package. And their steamy shower sex. Hmm . . . and the dark stranger whose bite transformed her into an immortal siren with a seductive Itch.

With help from Noah and fellow succubus Remy Summore, Jackie adapts to her new lifestyle—until she accidentally strikes a deal that sends her lover into the deadly clutches of the vampire queen and lands Jackie, Remy, and the queen’s wickedly hot right-hand man into the middle of a fierce battle for an ancient halo.

But how’s a girl supposed to save the world when the enemy’s so hard to resist?

Chantal: I'm done!

Ames: I'm having SO MUCH FUN!
She just had sex with Noah in the confessional. LOL Totally blasphemic but a jolly good time.

Chantal: LOLOL!!! I came THIS close to emailing you about that scene to say "OMG, did you get to this part yet???" But I was having too good of a time reading, LOL

Ames: I like Noah. I thought immediately of Georgie and Carter getting it on, that's one thing I really want them to do. LOL

Chantal: Oh yeah, Carter is yummy.

Ames: Woohoo I finished it!! I had to laugh at the camera she used in Egypt - they should have updated that to be a digital camera, ya know?

Monroe: I didn't even catch that but now that you mention it I do remember her having to develop film! lol Too funny!

Chantal: Yay!!!
Did you LOVE the ending? With her dating BOTH? And her thinking about a threeway? Woohoo!
Oh man, I hope there is a Noah, Zane, Jackie threesome.

Ames: I KNOW! I like how she forced both of them to agree to be with her by saying she'd rather be without either of them. That's the first time a heroine has said that to the two guys in her life. Know what I mean? And yes, I want a threesome.

Monroe: One thing I'm worried about is that the author ALREADY gave us what we want (her choosing both guys) in the first book! Dont get me wrong I LOVED the book...L-O-V-E-D I-T but I cant help but worry that we already getting what we want. many books have a love triangle that keep the book interesting...keep it going?!?!? Guess time will tell!

Chantal: Who do you like better, and who do you think is on the cover?

Ames: I think Zane is on the cover. :P And he's the one I prefer, I just feel like we know him better. Noah was just the guy she slept with a few times and he said some nice things, but I don't know if he meant them, how could he? They don't even know each other! But Zane has seen her in action, he's spent more time with her!

Well I originally was Team Noah...but Idk b/c they are both so hot and lovable! ;o) BUT maybe I'm leaning towards the goody (Noah) lol Hes just so wholesome! And when he says he wants her to come to him with her "needs" I totally melted. But then again Zane was such a dream boat about wanting her to not have to do the dirty work! ;o) BUT BUT BUT she cant really trust him! Ugh! Oh and the cover... I think its Noah!

Chantal: I think it's Zane on the cover. The dude has a leather jacket on, I think.

Monroe: Idk...Zane has dark hair...and I remember that she said Noah had long-ish hair...and didnt he have more than one symbol on his arm?!?!?

Ames: I don't recall any mention of someone having more than one mark on their arm. Who does?

Chantal: Zane's arm has a series of marks. That tattoo thing.

Monroe: I thought Zane only had one symbol?!!? Maybe not!

Chantal: Did you notice the two big inconsistencies, though? At the end of the book...

Ames: Something was bothering me, but now I can't recall. Tell me!

Chantal: Ok. two of them.
One minute Zane has no trench coat because it was destroyed in a fight, and then he all of a sudden has a trench coat--with no word on how he got the replacement. He had been in his Vampire sleep between the fight and having the new coat appear, so it's not like he went out and purchased it himself.

Also, Zane is Jackie's Master, so she can't not do what he says--it's impossible. Her body will do anything he says. At the end of the book he tells her not to answer the door, but she answers it anyway. Argh! Doing as your Master tells you is a big part of the book, so it's not very good that on the last few pages, that part of the story is totally ignored.

Ames: I noticed the coat thing - but figured maybe he was just carrying it back with him? LOL The door thing totally went over my head. Maybe there are some power issues going on now that he's had her blood? You know how her blood affects him?

Chantal: But he had her blood before the show down with the halo and she was forced to do as he says then.
He didn't bring the coat back with him, she asked where it was, and he said it was destroyed. If he couldn't use it to cover his wings before (even one handed he could have gotten it on) then I doubt the coat had its own powers and self healed.

Ames: Ok ok. You're right.

Monroe: Well I think (or at least this is how I looked at it) that they can choose to REALLY persuade them to do things. Like they can tell them (free will to choose to do it or not) or they can "TELL THEM" and they have to do it. So maybe that's why she answered the door?!??! I missed the coat deal. I remember him losing it but that's about it! lol

Ames: How obvious that he was her maker? And he liked her when she was chubby. Awww. LOL. I don't know why she just didn't make her a curvy chick to begin with, ya know? She could have just had a warped body image.

Monroe: I LOVED that he loved her at a bigger state! I hope we get more in sight as to why he changed her. They only touched on it! And she was a size 16...that's not BIG but it is curvy! Sexy curvy! ;o) Oh and him being her maker...ya I knew from the very beginning! lol That wasn't a surprise AT ALL!

Chantal: Yeah, Zane being her maker was pretty obvious. I wish that part had not been so 'in your face'. It would have been nice for the author to write it as a twist instead of setting us up to already know about it.

Okay, I forget her name already--the other Succubus--the porn star. I want to learn more about her relationship with her Vampire maker.

Do you think we will see more of the Vampire queen and the angel in the next book?

Ames: I think so. I want to know who Remy's maker is too! What if it was the queen? Remy is 400 years old.

Chantal: Oh! That blows my mind. That would be an interesting read.

Monroe: Ya I wanna know who it is too. And what kinda "deal" did she make? I think we will see the vampire queen again... maybe not in book 2 but soon!

Chantal: Did either of you wonder why Jackie's boss was such a bitch to her? I've been thinking about that.

Ames: I wanted her to have a showdown with her boss. Especially when she got so good looking.

Monroe: I wanted her to confront her boss when her and Zane was there! OH, how did yall feel when Zane left Jackie high and dry then we find out 15mins later he took a lover!??!?! UGH! I didn't like it one bit!

Chantal: Hmm, I didn't read it as Zane taking a lover. I thought he just fed on someone. She needs sex, he needs blood...

Ames: I don't think he took a lover, I think he just sucked some blood. Without sex.

Monroe: I thought it was with sex b/c he said something about HE didn't see it as a problem like she did using them for what they needed...but then again that could mean just blood too...she was jealous either way! And so was I! lol

Chantal: I like the jealousy.

Monroe: Yeah I can't wait to see how that jealousy is going to play out in the next book! I loved how Zane was like "do you need me to find you someone to fill your Itch? and he asked what about Noah" in a cold voice" lol

Chantal: What do you girls think of Jackie's reluctance to being a Succubus?
I find her rather prudish. Even though she has Noah and Zane, I wouldn't mind seeing her use a stranger every now and then to scratch the itch.

Monroe: lol idk...I have to say it would take a while to get used to so I can see where she's coming from. I mean she did say she had only one other lover b4 Noah!

Ames: Yeah, it was a big change of life for her, so of course she's not going to be sleep around right away. But I wouldn't mind seeing her loosen up a bit.

Monroe: Well you could tell she did by the end when Noah noticed her silver eyes (her being freshly "Itched" ;op) and then her saying he was up in about 2 hours! lol LOVE IT!

Chantal: Yeah, that was hot. And her thinking that she wants to do them at the same time.
Woot, woot. That's me dancing around. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

Monroe: LOL You crack me up!!! But you know it won't last...she's gonna have to choose!

Ames: Why? I think she can have both. LOL

Chantal: Shut up, Monroe! No she won't, no she won't have to choose.

Monroe: lol Come on I gotta be the rain on yalls parade?!?! You KNOW it wouldn't make for a good storyline if we got everything we asked for...and us being hussies we ask for BOTH men! lol She will have to choose...and in my head I'm like: Will Noah show to be not the greatest guy he looks to be, or will Zane show once again we can't trust him...hmmm...think about THAT! lol

ames: If we don't have Jackie being with both men, I want her to be with Zane in the end.

Chantal: I'd rather think about Jackie on a bed while Noah sucks her breasts and Zane licks her... you know what.

Monroe: Jeez Chantal I think you just made me blush! :*)

Chantal: Haha! My work here is done now, I made someone blush.

Oh hey, how much did you compare it to Georgie? I did. Lots. They are both first person, they both have red hair, there are Vampires, Heaven is not really "good". They both have long first names that are shortened to 'ie' names. What else is the same?

On the other hand there are big differences.
Georgie chose to be a Suck (as they are called in this book :-) Jackie did not.
Jackie gets to have sex with someone she cares about. Georgie can't or won't.
Georgie drains some life force out of the men she screws. Jackie doesn't.
Jackie can enter dreams. Georgie can't.

IMO, there are a lot of differences between the two series'. They are similar, but not the same.

Monroe: Almost like we are getting all the things we'd want to see Georgie get! lol I didn't find myself comparing TOO much but its hard not to see the similarities! I say we all read the 2nd book next week... yall in?

Ames: I'm in.

Also though, I did compare to Georgie only at the beginning. And I have to agree with Monroe, it feels like we got all the things we didn't get with Georgie.

Chantal: Yes, I'll be getting it as soon as it is out. :)

I'm going with a B+, how about you ladies?

Monroe: B+...can't wait for the 2nd book!!!

Ames: I gave it a B.


C2 said...

I think Noah is on the cover. Blondish, right? And Zane is on the cover of the next one. Maybe - what do I know?

I liked the book and look forward to the next one. I think she will keep the triangle going by focusing on external plots - things to get, mysteries to solve, etc. And a threesome? Yes, please! ;-)

~ames~ said...

Hey C2! I can't wait for the next book! Thank goodness it comes out so soon!

And thank you, that's a good argument to keeping the triangle going. Should have thought of it myself. LOL

Monroe Dawson said...


Tracy said...

Wow B's all around. Sounds good. It's on it's way to me now - hopefully it will get here soon. :)

Monroe Dawson said...

Oh youll love it! Our post for the second book will be up soon!