Monday, August 3

Welcome Monroe!!

There is no review for today, but we have a big announcement we’d like to share with everyone. Breezing Through was started in February 2008, so it’s been around for about 1.5 year. As you all know, Breezing Through is a collaborative effort by me, Ames and Chantal and the goal is to provide a different kind of review: joint/buddy reviews either wrote between us or with guest reviewers. The idea is to have more conversational reviews between two or more bloggers that will delve deeper in the books and spur more discussion.

We were very optimistic in the beginning, believing that the three of us could handle it… which we kind of did. However, we quickly discovered that writing buddy reviews wasn’t as easy as regular reviews. First, you have to find someone who’s read the same book and then exchange e-mails which can take some time… Once that is done, you need to put the review together which can be an enormous and daunting task. The end results always make it worth all the work and time. However, you cannot spontaneously write buddy reviews, they take planning and time and so they are less. In the past couple of months, the objective has been 1 buddy review per week and as you can see, it’s been somewhat successful, but hard to achieve. Real life, work, laziness, reading slump, blogger blues - they are so many factors that can interfere...

As a result, we’ve decided to invite a new contributor to join Breezing Through. You have probably guessed who by reading the title :) So we would like to welcome our new collaborator:

To welcome Monroe, we thought we’d have a welcoming post. Here is the discussion that we had…


Monroe: I feel very privileged to be asked to join your team! :o) I’ve recently started blogging myself so I only hope I live up to yalls expectations. So what do yall need me to do? What’s the game plan! lol TOTALLY EXCITED BTW!

Chantal: What do we need you to do? Well, every time you buy a book you must buy one for each of us as well. Yup. yup. That's the rule *evil grin*

Nath: And ship it to us, of course :)

Chantal: LOL, just kidding. My goal is to get Monroe hooked on m/m books.

Monroe: I think you should pick my first m/m book...*blushing*...LOL, I can’t help but giggle hehe. I feel like a dirty girl!

Chantal: Oh good! Feeling like a dirty girl is the first step of my evil plan. Mauahahhahahaaa!

Ames: Monroe - if you freaking read an M/M book before you read any of the books I recommended to you, I'll smack you! LOL

Monroe: OK OK! lol SHEESH!

Chantal: Ok, I'll wait before I give you any suggestions, but don't worry--I read a lot of paranormal, so if Ames kills you I know a few ways to bring you back to life. LOL.

Ames: Chantal, I made her buy Marly's Choice and Colters' Woman. So that's why I said I'd smack her if she read m/m first. LOL

Monroe: I started reading Colter’s woman one day and it was still on a sex scene on like page 15! lol

Chantal: OMG OMG GO BACK TO READING COLTER'S WOMAN RIGHT NOW!!! That's my fave book. Read it read it.

Monroe: You ARE trying to turn me into a sex crazed girl arentcha! LOL. But I’ll read it, promise.

Chantal: Of course. That's the best kind of girl there is.

Ames: Heck yeah!

Chantal: Oh Ames, this is so great. We have fresh meat to corrupt.

Ames: Teehee

Nath: LOL, you girls are hilarious :P and I have no doubt that you will succeed!

Chantal: Laugh now my dear Nath. I've not given up on you yet. I'm just giving you a break from my kinky harassment. ;-)

Nath: LOL, thanks for the break. Well the new meat seems to be easier to corrupt :P Go for her first!

Chantal: Hmmm, what we need to do a 4some review ASAP.

Ames: I like the idea of a 4some. LOL Monroe, you'll see how dirty minded Chantal and I can be. Hehe.

Monroe: LMAO! Why whatever do you mean by telling me that Ames...I’m a virgin! Ya with 3somes people just get jealous...4somes… at least everyone gets a partner! ;o) LOL Glad to find some dirty minds out there! I’m totally excited about this yay!

Chantal: Hey! I've had 3somes, and there was no jealousy. Never had a 4some, though. Ames is right, we are both naughty, naughty girls. I believe we make poor Nath blush. LOL

Nath: No comment on that LOL.

Monroe: LMAO! OMG what have i gotten myself into?!?!

Nath: Don't worry, Monroe :D I think you fit right in :P

Monroe: I hope so guys!

Ames: You will :P


So peeps, what do you think? Doesn’t Monroe fit right in our little group? :P I hope that with her joining in, we’ll be able to maintain a constant rhythm of reviews. Of course, we will still need your help as guest reviewers :) We hope that you keep enjoying the reviews and discussion :)

While we choose the book for our 4somes, Monroe will have her first buddy review up as a contributor tomorrow. It will be Double Play by Jill Shalvis and her buddy reviewer? None other than me :) So stay tuned!!


Hilcia said...

Hmmmm.... a 4Some! That should work, lol!

Great news... more great buddy reviews for us! Looking forward to them. Congratulations Monroe!

nath said...

Hilcia - LOL :) By the way Hilcia, I've been meaning to catch you! Are you interested to buddy review a book with me? :P

Monroe Dawson said...

Thx girl! Im truly excited! :o)

~ames~ said...

Welcome again Monroe!!

Jill D. said...

Welcome Monroe!! And you ladies crack me up. It sounds like you will have a lot of fun with your 4some!

Chantal said...

Yay, welcome welcome :)

Rowena said...

Awwww yay, welcome to Breezing Through Monroe! I'm totally looking forward to more reviews/discussions with you since you are one of my favorite people!

And give it up already, I know you've got some naughty girl in you so hurry up and read those books. =P

Rowena said...


Monroe Dawson said...

Ames & Chantal-
Thx babes! Happy to be here! And update: Almost done with Challenging Carter and on to your first step in turning me. Starting Colters Woman today! EPP! lol

This is my first 4some...I'm a bit nervous...someone hold my hand lol ;o)

Oh YOURE one of my fav people! And I know I'm pretty naughty but hey you aid to it too, in fact I could say you started it! ;o) Reading all those yummy books you reccomend!

Hilcia said...

nath! I would looove to do a buddy review with you! Thanks for asking! You can e-mail me at hilciasuarez at gmail dot com. :) Yay!

Taja said...

Sounds like you 4 will have lots of fun!

A 4some. LOL Looking forward to it! *g*

Cecile said...

I thought I left a comment here!! Damn to hell!!! Computers ~ cant live with/can't live without them!!!
I left the message saying ~
You 4 are going to have a blast together!! And of course the best mind to have ~ is a diry mind!!! True hussy that I am... sorry Monroe!!! They will turn into a dirty girl quick, but it is painless and actually quite fun!!!!
Wishing you all luck and fun!!!

Monroe Dawson said...

Hey honey! Ya they are slowly turning me! ;o) But I'm liking it! lmao!

Rowena said...

LOL, you're a naughty wench Monroe, just admit it!

Monroe Dawson said...

Oh how you know me so well! ;o)lol